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With Markets Surging, Bitcoin Network Experiencing Transaction Delays Due to Technical Limitation

Bitcoin’s price has risen from $750 to $1060 in the past month, which has created a huge surge in activity. Unfortunately, this activity has caused the network to stagnate, with many transactions taking several hours to confirm. The source of the stagnation stems from a technical limitation of the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin’s public transaction record,… Read More »

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The Displayport 1.4 Open Standard Has Been Published By VESA

While the actual bitrate of Displayport 1.4 remains the same as Displayport 1.3, DP 1.4 still offers much more functionality over 1.3 by using multiple technologies, which makes it more efficient. By utilizing transport compression, it can achieve resolutions of up to 8K @ 60 hz and 4K 120 HZ, with HDR enabled. It is… Read More »

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5D Optical Storage Technology Can Store up to 360 TB On A Single Disk, Last Billions of Years

  Researchers from the University of Southampton have developed a new data format that can densely pack 360 Terabytes of information into a single 1″ glass disk. The disks are much more resistant to damage than existing optical technologies, as 5D disks are estimated to be capable of lasting up to 13.8 billion years, if temperatures remain below… Read More »

Tera Online’s Chat Suffers From An HTML Exploit

An exploit has been discovered within the game Tera Online involving the in game chat, allowing users to insert HTML elements into chat that link to resources on external websites. Basically, the in game chat in Tera uses HTML for markup. The problem is that exploiters have found a way to utilize a type of… Read More »

Trion Worlds Might be in Dire Financial Condition

Trion Worlds is known for publishing online games such as Archeage, Rift, and Defiance. With a history of layoffs over the past five years, it had been unclear to the public if the layoffs are the result of bad financial conditions, or if the layoffs were just a way to trim operating expenses by eliminating… Read More »

The Media’s Hysteria over Cryptocurrency’s Energy Consumption is Based on Misinformation

While it’s true that mining for cryptocurrency consumes significant amounts of power, in many cases the media makes highly inaccurate estimates regarding power consumption. In addition, journalists often lack an understanding of how blockchains or even just electricity works. “Ethereum could be using more than a country’s worth of electricity” reads a title from futurism.com.… Read More »

Techpowerup “Advertorial By AMD” Draws Controversy

Last Wednesday, Techpowerup published what appeared to be a comparison between AMD’s Radeon RX 560 and Nvidia’s GTX 1050. Both are budget graphics cards in a similar price range, and consumers may want to research which choice is better for them. What readers are unlikely to notice is the small “advertorial by AMD” hidden off to… Read More »

AMD Vega GPUs Are Now Available For Preorder

AMD’s “Vega” GPU has surfaced, now available for pre-order on Scan UK and Sabre PC. The listings may have been a mistake, as there hasn’t been an announcement from AMD regarding pricing or release dates, or listings on many other major online computer hardware stores. The cards are not cheap. The air cooled version sells for… Read More »

Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Craze Wipes out AMD GPU Supply

PC gamers may find themselves struggling to find AMD’s RX 570 or RX 580 available anywhere near it’s MSRP. The great surge in demand comes from the recent spike in the price of Bitcoin, which has increased from roughly $500 a year ago to $2193 as of the time of writing. When Bitcoin’s price rises, the USD value… Read More »

The Emergence of Free to Play, and Decline of Pay to Play

When the first online games emerged, most were based on a pay-to-play model. Some involved an hourly rate that was charged to play; however, the monthly subscription method of monetization became the most common method. As these games grew in popularity and e-commerce websites such as Ebay and Paypal began to grow, players began buying and… Read More »

Razer Server Outage Locks Users Out of Their Own Device Functionality

Users of Razer Peripherals such as mice and keyboards are reporting the error “System Error 3803” when attempting to login into Synapse, the app used to access custom keybinding settings. As a result of the server outage, users are stuck using default keybinds- macros, custom DPI settings, and custom keybinds are inaccessible during the outage. Cloud-based… Read More »