League of Legends’ “Hextech Crafting” Is Being Tested on Turkey’s Servers.

By | February 12, 2016

Hextech Crafting, a upcoming system in League of Legends that provides new ways for players to unlock champions and skins by playing the game, has been released in Turkey.

This tactic is used quite often by game developers. By releasing a product to a smaller market before bringing it to larger markets, you upset less consumers in the event of a catastrophic failure, and can either pull the product, or fix its issues. While the system has been tested on the public beta server(PBE), there are quite often bugs and flaws that go unnoticed until reaching live servers.  For example, they likely can’t receive feedback on droprates and rates of progression on a PBE server, as people generally don’t play seriously on the PBE server, and because they made the keys/chests free there for testing purposes. On the TR servers, they will receive real-world feedback regarding the experiences of players that use the system.
Riot’s “Socrates” has stated that they intend to wait “at least 4 weeks” before enabling it in other Regions. This means if everything goes well, we may expect to see it hit other regions such as North America, Australia, and Europe in March.