Black Desert Online is Changing the Refresh Rate Settings of 144 hz monitors to 60 hz, 60 hz monitors to 30 hz

By | February 19, 2016



Black Desert Online, currently in closed beta, contains a critical bug that changes 144 hz monitors to run at 60 hz and 60 hz monitors to run at 30 hz if dedicated fullscreen is selected. This change persists even after the game is closed, meaning the desktop as well as other games are now running at 60 hz until the setting is adjusted manually. While this is only a minor inconvenience for a tech savvy user, it can be extremely frustrating to someone that may not understand how to change their refresh rate. Some users may realize that all of their games seem to be less smooth, but may not connect the dots that their refresh rate settings were changed without their knowledge. In a worst case scenario, they may RMA components that are just fine, upgrade components that don’t need upgrading, or something else equally foolish.

If you’re one of the unlucky players to be hit by this bug, it can be fixed by going to windows settings, display, advanced display settings, display adapter properties, the monitor tab, and changing the refresh rate back to your monitors native refresh rate(generally the highest available on the list).
Borderless fullscreen and windowed mode are not affected, and even seem to perform better. Playing in dedicated fullscreen is not recommended until this bug is fixed. You can avoid the bug altogether by changing the video settings in the launcher before playing for the first time. While the game is in closed beta in North America & Europe, a quick google search shows that players in other regions have been experiencing this bug for months. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.


Black Desert launches in North America and Europe on the 3rd of March, and users with Early access can play as early as February 28. The game is rumored to have as many as 400,000 preorders, so a very considerable amount of users may be affected by this bug.


Edit: Some users are reporting refresh rates being set as low as 24 hz, others are reporting refresh rates of 50 hz, it seems that it’s not 100% consistent. What is known though is that refresh rate settings are being reduced below their full potential.

Edit 2: It seems to be setting monitors to their minimum refresh rate within the list.

Edit 3: Some users are also reporting the bit depth of their colors being reduced as well.