Guild Wars 2’s Next Expansion May Have Been Leaked

By | February 27, 2016

A user claiming to have information on the upcoming Guild Wars 2 expansion has leaked possible details regarding the expansion on Reddit. Here is a brief summary of what the upcoming expansion may contain according to the leaker:

  • PVE maps will be split between two types. The first are “battleground maps” which are much like the newer maps seen in the Heart of Thorns expansion, where  there’s lots of mapwide events where lots of players work together to fight against the AI. The second type are “wilderness” maps. These are maps with only 1 waypoint to enter, which is like a town. Upon leaving the town it’s essentially phased/instanced, meaning nobody else except those in your party/raid can assist you in your exploration. As you venture further out, the content becomes more challenging. There’s some feature where you can see the ghost of other players in the map, but can’t interact with them, somehow explained by the lore.
  • The new dungeons will have multiple difficulties to select, and require keys to enter that are earned throughout gameplay, much like Warframe does with Void missions.
  • The expansion implements a new progression system currently called “stolen power”. This involves looting rare fragments, and creating a set much like runes in other games. The fragments can be ranked up  as well, up to rank 10.
  • Their current systems contain a very basic player housing system, but it sounds like a very simple hub. It sounds like this might be taken out since it doesn’t deliver much in its current state.
  • Paid DLC quests are being considered, where you can buy the quest reward for 800 gems, or buy the quest for 400 gems that upon completion gives the reward.

The full leak can be viewed here, however the user claims they plan to delete the post very shortly after posting it, so we decided to report on it.