The Displayport 1.4 Open Standard Has Been Published By VESA

By | March 2, 2016

While the actual bitrate of Displayport 1.4 remains the same as Displayport 1.3, DP 1.4 still offers much more functionality over 1.3 by using multiple technologies, which makes it more efficient. By utilizing transport compression, it can achieve resolutions of up to 8K @ 60 hz and 4K 120 HZ, with HDR enabled. It is unclear how the compression affects the quality, as the publication does not state if it is a lossy or a lossless compression method. Without compression enabled, Displayport 1.4 supports up to 5K(5120×2880). Displayport 1.4 also opens up support for USB-C and Thunderbolt.

Another new feature is Multi-Stream Transport(MST). MST allows for a new type of display called a “Segmented Panel Display”, which segments a panel into multiple sections, which may be refreshed at different rates. According to Samsung, Segmented Panel Display can be used to create thinner monitors that consume less power.

Unfortunately, Adaptive-Sync remains an optional specification, meaning consumers will still have to pay a premium for a Freesync monitor as it is not required by the standard.

You can read the original article by VESA here