AMD Will Provide a Sneak Peek of Their New Polaris GPUs Tonight at 4 PM PDT

By | March 14, 2016

EDIT: If you missed the show, here is our summary of what was announced at the event.


AMD will be providing a sneak peek of their revolutionary new Polaris GPU architecture tonight on a stream at 4 PM PDT. According to /u/AMDJoe on Reddit, is considered a “Sneak peek” and not an announcement, which implies that there will not be information regarding launch dates or anything of that nature. However, we may expect to see additional information regarding performance such as benchmarks, more technical info regarding what the cards will offer, or images of the graphics cards themselves.


The stream can be viewed here:
The stream’s ‘about’ description makes reference to chili peppers, which is quite bizarre:


Chili Peppers come in many forms, colors, sizes and intensity levels. The essence of a chili pepper derives from a chemical compound known as 8-methyl-N-vanillyl-6-nonenamide, or capsaicin, the legendary and mysterious substance that delivers a chili’s spicy kick. The world’s best game and VR developers understand that to electrify the gaming universe, they need to fully harness the essence of their GPU, putting huge advancements in silicon and software together to send gamers into scoville-induced euphoria. Capsaicin at GDC will tantalize your senses with the latest gaming and VR technologies.


A few AMD employees have also been seen tweeting about chili peppers, as if they’re teasing about something. Perhaps we will find out tonight what all this talk about chili peppers is all about.


Link to the Stream