AMD’s ‘Greenland’ GPU Will Likely Contain 4096 Shader Cores, Indicated By LinkedIn Profile

By | March 26, 2016

The LinkedIn Profile of a R&D Manager at AMD indicates that ‘Greenland’, the codename for one of the high end 14 NM GPUs being produced by AMD, will contain 4096 shader cores. This puts it at the same number of cores as the Fury X. This does not mean that performance will be identical though, as the cores themselves may be heavily redesigned, and other optimizations may be made. With increased power efficiency coming from a node shrink, it’s possible that it could run at higher clock rates than the Fury X, or possibly run without requiring liquid cooling.
Described as a “full capacity of 4096 shader processor”, this indicates that there may be multiple versions of the card through a process called binning. For example, there is the “Fury X” with 4096 shader cores, and a “Fury” with only 3584 shader cores enabled. Both run on the same architecture(both technically contain 4096 cores), but the Fury has a certain amount of cores disabled, either because its a less efficient chip that doesn’t meet the ASIC quality requirements for the Fury X(but still meets the requirements to be a Fury), or because it has a few defective cores, which just get disabled.


Screenshot of LinkedIn Profile