Black Desert’s Valencia Expansion is Launching On June 1st

By | May 18, 2016

Daum has just announced that Black Deserts upcoming Expansion, the Valencia region, is being released on June 1st.

Valencia is a Desert-based region with unique gameplay elements. To survive the harsh conditions of the desert, players must utilize crafted drinks in order to avoid debuffs from the dangerous weather conditions of the desert. During the day a special type of water is needed, and during the night a specific type of tea  is needed as it gets quite cold in the desert at night. Players cannot see their location on the map when in the desert, so it’s very easy to get lost in the desert, making it feel very dangerous.

It is recommended that players are at least 55 for participating in Valencia content with at least +15 gear and decent accessories. The new monsters hit very hard, so playing in a group is advisable.

Some features in the expansion include:

  • Significantly increased map size with new nodes & cities
  • hundreds of new quests
  • Camels, a mount ideally used in the desert
  • dozens of new monsters to fight
  • Siege elephants
  • Ability to enchant gear to +20

In addition, territory/node sieges will begin on June 15.