A Look at Tera’s Upcoming Content

By | June 15, 2016

“Aces Wild” Update- July 2016

Tera’s North American publisher has created a page with details regarding Tera’s upcoming July update. The page will be updated every Tuesday with more information regarding the upcoming patch. Gameforge, Tera’s European publisher, has released an article regarding what their patch 45 update will contain. The NA and EU builds tend to be very similar, with the main differences being the way that the companies choose to monetize the game. Through reading the patch announcement from Gameforge, we can determine what the update will contain:

  •  Manglemire, a 5 player, 4 star difficulty dungeon that drops materials used to craft the current best weapons/armor in the game(Imperator).
  • Two new solo dungeons, with multiple options for difficulty and type.
  • Dreadspire, the 20+ floor 5 player dungeon has returned for a 3rd time! Dreadspire is generally the hardest dungeon in the game, and offers massive rewards for those talented enough to complete it.
  • Kumasylum, a mini-game where you gamble over two NPC monsters fighting, is being reworked.
  • A cosmetics wardrobe that allows you to store costumes in a separate bank


Distant Update Sneak Peek

Gameforge has revealed some of the content that the developers are currently working on:

  • GVG is being reworked. The current alliance and crusade system is being removed in favor of a new guild war system. The system involves guilds building and defending an outpost from other guilds, in order to take control over Velika.
  • The guild system as a whole is being expanded to offer more content and rewards. Examples include guild skills, guild tasks, alliances, and more.
  • An epic 30 player raid is being made. The monster is said to be “10 times larger than a regular BAM”
  • Two new dungeons,  Lilith’s Castle and Rakelith’s Ruins.
  • No plans to increase the level cap

Speculation and Opinions

While some of these new features sound really cool in theory, I worry that Tera’s poor optimization will ruin some of these features. Tera’s development team has stated that they are choosing to work on “content over optimization”. Anyone that played Tera during the alliance system’s launch would know that any form of large-scale PVP is a lagfest even on the most powerful computer. This creates concerns regarding the implementation of guild warfare, as PVP will essentially become a slideshow in the case of large guilds battling it out. The 30 player raid is also concerning, as even 10 player raids tend to result in fps values dropping below 20 on high end computers.

I also wonder what Gameforge means by “Guild tasks”. If it’s boring guild quests that involve killing mobs or repeating the same dungeons, I’m not looking forward to it. Hopefully, guild tasks will bring something new to the table and offer new exciting group activities. Guild Wars 2 offers the gold standard for what guild tasks could be, providing unique challenges and activities for guilds to tackle, and rewarding both the player and the guild for it.

With the buffs to Starfall gear last patch, as well as this new dungeon dropping materials for the same gear as existing dungeons, it’s quite possible that BHS may finally be taking action to reduce the severity of power creep within gear. Seeing that Tera’s last update was only a month ago, it seems very early to introduce new gear, so this decision is probably for the best.

The cosmetic wardrobe is an absolutely crucial feature that Tera has needed for a while. Guild Wars 2 has always been praised for its wardrobe system, and Blade and Soul has frequently been criticized for not opening it up to non paying members. By providing a separate storage for cosmetic items, the appeal of cash shop items increases significantly. Many people joke about Tera endgame being about “collecting costumes”. The amount of storage needed to keep costumes has always turned me away from buying costumes, but this change would certainly change my opinion on that.