Black Desert Publisher Bans Players For Discussing World War 2 In Game

By | July 16, 2016

A Reddit user recently revealed that they had received a 48 hour ban for discussing World War 2 within the chat of Black Desert Online. The user included a screenshot of their support ticket detailing their conversation with the GM, and the reasoning for their ban.

At first, I was skeptical of the claim, so I didn’t want to report on it. Many times when users are banned, they will try to claim they were banned for a different reason, in an effort to retaliate against the company that banned them, and stir outrage. However, another user then linked an article from their official Zen Desk page regarding chat/naming policies. Surely enough, “Referencing World War 2” was one of the rule violations listed in the policy, so it’s very unlikely that this is a hoax.

It is quite possible that the user did make hateful statements, though. The GM refused to provide the user’s own chat logs that got them banned, as doing so is apparently a violation of their privacy policy. The GM claims that they “can confirm that [he] was contributing to a hateful discussion”, but it is unclear exactly what he said. Pay attention to the way the GM worded the sentence. He did not confirm that the user made any hateful comments, but rather that he “contributed to a hateful discussion”. If another user made a hateful comment, and he said something to correct that user, then technically he is “contributing to a hateful discussion”, because he is feeding the troll and participating, and therefore keeping the topic going, which means the troll continues and bothers more people.

From the support ticket, we cannot conclude what was said, we can only conclude that he most likely participated in a discussion about WW2, possibly in a hateful way, and was banned as a result.

Regardless of what he actually said, it raises question about the ways they will enforce the “No WW2 discussion” rule. To me, it sounds like they mainly intend to enforce it when trolls make hateful comments to try and stir up drama in channel-wide chat. However, we really have no way if they will actually ban users for respectfully and calmly discussing the war. They worded it in a way that suggests that any discussion of the war is bannable, but they may have done that just so that trolls don’t start arguments about whether or not their comments are hateful(what is considered hateful is often subjective). Until they make an official statement on the issue, I’d avoid discussing World War 2 altogether in game.

It’s also possible that these rules are an attempt to comply with laws in Europe regarding hate speech. Daum is based in Netherlands, and I’m not very familiar with hate speech laws throughout Europe, but I have heard news about laws passing throughout some European countries intended to prevent neo-nazi opinions from being expressed, people denying the holocaust, etc. I’m not sure if Daum is liable for these types of messages being sent on their servers, so it’s possible they could be trying to play it safe to avoid any legal troubles in countries where users play their game.


If players want to discuss political events or history with other Black Desert players, it is advised that they do so on a third party application such as Discord, Teamspeak, Skype, Mumble, or pretty much any app outside of the game.