Amazon Announces 3 New Online Games

By | September 30, 2016

Today at Twitchcon Amazon announced 3 new online games, all of which will integrate with twitch to enable players to directly live stream their gameplay, and possibly even allow streamers and viewers to influence the game itself through the Twitch platform. These games are built on the Lumberyard engine, an engine Amazon has developed that enables developers to create online games and easily connect them with Amazon’s hosting services and Twitch platform.




Breakaway is a 4 vs 4 esports title/battleground, in which players choose between a variety of heroes with different abilities.

Breakaway revolves around a glowing ball called a relic, that players can grab and pass around while fighting the enemy. The goal is to get the ball into the enemy’s goal(called a relay or portal). In order to achieve this objective, players will fight each other, place structures, and use a variety of abilities to win the game. The ball has different effects based on how long you hold the ball, encouraging players to constantly pass the ball.

Breakaway has 3 ways to win a round:

  • By putting the ‘artificact’ into the enemy’s goal/portal/relay(it isn’t clear what they will call it yet)
  • By eliminating all enemy players at once(which sounds very difficult, as players respawn after a few seconds of dying)
  • When the time runs out, the side that the relic/ball is on loses the game(so at the end you want to get the ball on the enemy side near their goal)

After each round or when you die, players can use gold they earn throughout the match to purchase or upgrade items that influence gameplay. In addition, players can place various structures throughout the battleground that influence the game.

In many ways, Breakaway is much like soccer or football, in that the main objective is to get the ball to the enemy’s goal. Breakaway does away with all of the strict rules and downtime associated with these sports, and instead utilizes moba-style combat and buildable structures to create nonstop, fast-paced action that leaves players and viewers enjoying every second of the match.

You can sign up for the alpha at

Gameplay footage is available here

New World


New world is a sandbox MMO based in the 17th century, with supernatural themes. Players can build civilizations, fight through monster filled wilderness, or fight other players. The game world adapts based on time of day, in game weather, and in game seasons. The game will even include events that Twitch broadcasters can lead, and achievements/rewards to go along with it.



Crucible is a survival game based in an alien world. Players can choose and customize various heroes, form alliances, and betray others. The game will contain dynamic events. Based on Amazon’s description on their site, it sounds like it might even be a game hosted by twitch livestreamers, in which viewers participate in the game while the streamer triggers events and watches the battles unfold.

More info on all the games: