Revelation Online Announces Closed Beta Date

By | October 12, 2016 announced today that the first closed beta event for the NA/EU Version of Revelation Online will run from October 25 until November 8th. Players that won a key via a giveaway will be able to play in this closed beta event, and players that purchased a founder’s pack also have access to the event.

Revelation in a Chinese MMORPG that is in the progress of being ported into North America and Europe. Revelation Online will feature battlegrounds, sieges, dungeons, raids, and open world bosses. Revelation combines some of the best features from successful MMOS, and does a little bit of everything.

Revelation brings back the excitement in leveling. Instead of being a boring, short process that acts as a gateway to endgame, leveling in Revelation is the endgame. After level 50, players need to complete high difficulty dungeons to gear up their character in order to stand a chance at higher level brackets. Players can’t simply just rush to the level cap, as it’s important to progress adequately and actually play the game as you progress. Revelation also includes limitations that help close the gap between players with differing amount of time available to play.

In the closed beta, players can play the story up until level 49, have access to 4 different dungeons with multiple difficulty levels, and participate in 10v10 battlegrounds. The publisher plans to gradually increase the amount of content available in each beta test.

Like most beta tests of online games, it’s important to remember that progress will be wiped before the game officially launches into early access.