Razer Server Outage Locks Users Out of Their Own Device Functionality

By | March 25, 2017

Users of Razer Peripherals such as mice and keyboards are reporting the error “System Error 3803” when attempting to login into Synapse, the app used to access custom keybinding settings. As a result of the server outage, users are stuck using default keybinds- macros, custom DPI settings, and custom keybinds are inaccessible during the outage.

Cloud-based applications are a rapidly growing trend. For Razer peripherals, cloud-based configurations enable users to access their keybindings across different devices. However, this functionality is not without it’s faults. Razer’s software currently lacks the ability to cache settings locally, causing issues such as this one when outages occur. Ideally, Razer would at least enable local caching of user settings, as it would really only take a few megabytes of data to store.

While cloud-based applications are quite valuable to producers of consumer hardware and software for data gathering purposes, they pose a serious threat when they begin to hinder the user experience. This outage has left users very upset, with many threatening never to purchase a Razer device again.

The outage has been resolved according to Razer. If you find yourself encountering this issue again(such as if another outage occurs), Reddit user “VossVossVossVoss” has shared a workaround .

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