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The Rockit 88 Delidding Tool Will Make Intel CPU Delidding Easy

What is Delidding? Delidding is a practice used by overclocking enthusiasts where the protective lid of a CPU, also called the Integrated Heat Spreader(IHS), is removed in order to replace the thermal compound between the CPU die and the IHS. Intel uses a cheap, low quality thermal compound to reduce manufacturing costs. There is glue used to connect… Read More »

Sony’s PlayStation VR Revealed

      Sony has recently announced the PlayStation VR, which is launching in October 2016. It features a 5.7″ OLED display, at a resolution of 1920×1080, which results in 960×1080 per eye. The device surprisingly offers a refresh rate of 120 hz, and a latency of under 18 milliseconds. While the resolution offered by the Playstation… Read More »

Summary of AMD’s Bizarre “Capsaicin” Event at GDC

    AMD’s ‘Capsaicin’ show was quite a unique experience. The entire theme of the event revolved around alcohol, hot peppers, and having fun.  Weeks prior to the show, AMD employees even tweeted about hot peppers to hype up the show, leaving readers confused. A weird metaphor was made about power efficiency, comparing the power efficiency advancements… Read More »