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The Media’s Hysteria over Cryptocurrency’s Energy Consumption is Based on Misinformation

While it’s true that mining for cryptocurrency consumes significant amounts of power, in many cases the media makes highly inaccurate estimates regarding power consumption. In addition, journalists often lack an understanding of how blockchains or even just electricity works. “Ethereum could be using more than a country’s worth of electricity” reads a title from… Read More »

Summary of AMD’s Bizarre “Capsaicin” Event at GDC

    AMD’s ‘Capsaicin’ show was quite a unique experience. The entire theme of the event revolved around alcohol, hot peppers, and having fun.  Weeks prior to the show, AMD employees even tweeted about hot peppers to hype up the show, leaving readers confused. A weird metaphor was made about power efficiency, comparing the power efficiency advancements… Read More »

How To Recover Missing Files After Upgrading to Windows 10

Are your documents gone after upgrading to windows 10? Did you notice that your files disappeared when Windows 10 was installed? This guide will help you get your files, pictures and documents back where they should be. After upgrading to windows 10, some people have reported their files not showing when viewing the documents folder, photos folder, etc.… Read More »

How Many Cores Does a Game Really Use?

If you’ve discussed game optimization on message boards or forums before, you’ve probably seen people say thing like “this game only uses 2 cores”, this game only makes use of 4 cores”, etc. This is usually a misinterpretation of CPU usage statistics. There’s two ways that people generally interpret the amount of cores used by… Read More »

How to Disable Windows 10 Lock Screen Ads

Users have reported seeing ads for a game called “Rise of the Tomb Raider” on their lock screen. Luckily, this function can be disabled, so that you set up the lock screen to show a picture of your choice, or even a slideshow of pictures of your choice: Step 1: left click the windows button, then click… Read More »

Steam’s Automated Refund System Is Far From Perfect

Last June, Valve released its automated refunds system, which utilizes a strict criteria for determining if you’re eligible for a refund. The basic criteria is as follows: You must refund within 14 days of purchase(or 14 days of launch if it’s a pre-purchase). You cannot refund a title if you’ve played for more than 2 hours. DLC… Read More »