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Fixing a Windows 10 Computer That is Unable to Shut Down

If upon hitting the power button or selecting “shut down” on the start menu, your system reboots, then these steps will likely solve your problem: Step 1: Press start, and go to settings. Step 2: Select System, on the top left. Step 3: Select “Power & sleep, on the left navigation menu Step 4: Select “Additional power settings”.… Read More »

How to Fix Codeblocks “Compiler not Found” Error

Codeblocks by default only includes the editor, and does not come with a compiler. If you download the MinGW version, there may still be additional steps to take to install the GNU compiler: Step 1: Save your work and close Codeblocks or any other editors/compilers you may have open. Step 2: Press start, and go to all apps/app… Read More »

How to Fix localhost displaying a blank page in Wampserver

Due to a conflict with Skype’s default settings, Wampserver may not function correctly when both applications are running at the same time. However, there is a workaround. Step 1: Open Skype and log in. Step 2: Click tools, and go to options Step 3: go to connection, under the advanced tab Step 4: uncheck “Use… Read More »