Black Desert’s Valencia Expansion is Launching On June 1st

Daum has just announced that Black Deserts upcoming Expansion, the Valencia region, is being released on June 1st. Valencia is a Desert-based region with unique gameplay elements. To survive the harsh conditions of the desert, players must utilize crafted drinks in order to avoid debuffs from the dangerous weather conditions of the desert. During the day… Read More »

Tera Online is Coming to PS4 And Xbox One

Bluehole Studios, the Korean game development company behind Tera Online, has created a job listing indicating that Tera Online is coming to the Xbox One and Playstation 4. The listing seeks out a Technical Lead for porting Tera to Consoles, as well as leading further console game development in the future. The listing describes a… Read More »

How Manipulative Design is Ruining Modern MMORPGs

To many, including myself, playing MMORPGs has began to feel like a chore. Despite this feeling, many of us still end up playing them every day. What is it exactly that keeps us voluntarily committing our time to gameplay we’ve grown to dislike? Aren’t games supposed to be played for fun? As someone who has experienced… Read More »

Virginia Couple Indicted For Operating $20 Million H-1B Fraud Scheme

Raju Kosuri and Smriti Jharia, as well as 4 co-conspirators, have been indicted over multiple cases of fraud, including H-1B visa fraud. The couple ran a staffing firm, that ultimately acted as a “visa for sale” system. The scheme allegedly involved Kosuri creating shell companies that he owns and operates, of which faked the need for talented foreign workers. Through the alleged usage of… Read More »

Planetside 2’s Construction Update Creates a Sandbox Experience

  Planetside 2, released on PC in 2012 and PS4 in 2015, is an open world Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter(MMOFPS). Players fight over large continents that support thousands of players, with some battles involving hundreds of players fighting over a single region or base. Players not only fight on foot, but can also utilize vehicles,… Read More »