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3 Online Tools of PDFBear That Can Help With Your PDF Files 

Constant technological development is inevitable. You think improvement today could be out of date soon, and there is nothing you can do about it. We have to do everything to preserve all our essential documents securely, with the speed of how quickly things are changing. It could be for corporate or personal purposes. Think of it as saving yourself in the future from a potential headache.

3 Online Tools of PDFBear That Can Help With Your PDF Files 

There could be many online resources that individuals use for accessing PDF files, but only PDFBear can provide them what they need. They can conveniently compress, split, convert, and easily merge a PDF. Not only that, but PDFBear also provides its clients with the best privacy and protection. The tool provides everyone with the ease of using various devices such as computers, tablets, or smartphones to access it. Here are some tools that you can use for free. 

Split Your PDF

You may want to delete a lot of pages or divide your PDF; you should split them with PDF Bear, which is useful for anyone who needs PDF file splitting. You have the option to divide them into two different ways with that kind of function. You can delete any sections from your primary file or divide your PDF folder into separate pages. This is how to split PDF file.

Pick or easily drag and drop the document that you would like to split. The page you would like to separate from its own original PDF file can now be picked. Click to polish the chapters you want and export it to a PDF file after that. Then you can now start downloading the separated PDF document after all is ready.

Merge Your PDF

If you have several PDF files and would like to compile everything into one, you can merge files with PDFBear most easily and straightforwardly. It is relatively simple to use and not complicated. Using the procedure, you don’t have to worry about yourself, as PDFBear will basically do anything for you. Only follow these instructions to execute PDF file merging.

First, the needed files that you’d like to combine should be uploaded. You could even drag and drop the documents you will need to work on or manual process by tapping on the “Pick File” option, based on how you need to do it. After that, you can already begin the merging process and wait for it to end. When completed, you can use cloud servers such as Dropbox or Google Drive to save the document or transfer it.

Repair Your PDF

This is one of the capabilities that PDFBear can offer for you, which can enable you to repair PDF files. PDFBear can attempt to retrieve the data and make it function again, whether the file is corrupted or damaged. This will make you more satisfied using PDFBear. To restore your PDF file, follow the steps given:

It’s almost the same method as the other processes of PDFBear, where you begin by uploading the corrupted file, which is then analyzed by the tool. Then clock on the fix and wait until it’s done. It’s hard to restore any corrupted data, but PDFBear will not make it even worse.


PDFBear is the exception to getting things done on the PDF files if you need something. It’s a handy tool that anyone can use when dealing with PDF files, and it doesn’t just merge, compress, break, and repair; you can also use PDFBear to transform PDF files to another file system or vice versa.

When operating with PDFBear, there should be no long wait periods, as almost all the processes are done within seconds. When combining or transforming your PDF files, you won’t face any problems or unnecessary changes.


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