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3 Things to Do Before Relocating Your Business

Relocating a business is a serious undertaking that will take months of planning and coordination. On the bright side, it may just be worth it. If you’re currently operating your business in a stale market and are ready to take on a fresh one, read on for tips on what to consider before making the big move.

1. Select a Location

You don’t want to move from one area ill-suited for your business needs to another location with the same issues. Think clearly about where you relocate to maximize your business potential. Additionally, consider your current customer base and how far they may be willing to travel.

Before finalizing location selection, be sure it is something you can afford as your business experiences the growing pains associated with expanding. Don’t overextend to the point that you won’t be able to weather a few months with reduced revenue as old and new customers adjust to your move.

2. Plan Logistics

Once you are set on a location it’s time to determine just how you’re going to move all of your equipment, which may include heavy machinery moving equipment, from one place to another. Assigning one person to spearhead the move will ensure it goes as seamlessly as possible.

3. Inform Customers

About two months prior to your planned move, begin advertising about it. Inform the public on all social media platforms, hang posters in both your current and new location, hand out coupons to be used at your new spot and don’t forget to mention the move to all of your customers during business transactions.

Moving your business to a new location is an exciting time but requires sufficient planning. Careful location selection, logistic planning and adequately spreading the word will all help to ensure your business thrives in its new site.

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