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3D Camera Tracker Use Only in the Composition Panel

3D Camera Tracker Use Only in the Composition Panel

How many of you are avid Adobe After Effects users? There must be many. And if you are, then this ‘3D Camera Tracker Use Only in Composition Panel’ error should not surprise you at all. We’ve seen many people encounter this issue of 3D Camera tracker when using the After Effects. And this may end up disrupting your hard-precious work. 

So, we thought of finding the root cause of the issue and steps to solve it. Come let’s find out. 

How to Open 3D Tracker in Adobe After Effects? 

  1.  First, open the After Effects and select the layer that you need. You can select any layer that you want. 
  2. Then look for the Track Camera option in the animation menu. You can right-click on the menu to do so.
  3. After Effects will proceed to analyze the clip to place the layer on it. This is a background process and you can continuously monitor the progress in the After Effects Control Panel. 
  4. Once the analysis will be done After Effects will solve the camera movement and allow you to select from a variety of effects for composition. There you can proceed to finalize your effect and work.

During this process of dragging effect over to the clip is when this 3D camera tracker error tends to show up. So here’s how you can deal with it. 

Steps to Solve the 3D Camera Tracker Error

  • Select your clip in the Project panel.
  • Right-click on it or select the File menu to choose ‘Create a new composition from selection’. This will create a timeline from your video clip.
  • Select the video once a new timeline is created and run the 3D camera tracker. 
  • Now the 3D Camera Tracker use only in the Composition Panel error won’t show up. 
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