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4 Tech-Driven Ways to Grow Your Company

4 Tech-Driven Ways to Grow Your Company

No matter how on top of things you think you are, the truth is that most companies can be better optimized. There are oodles of tech gadgets and solutions at your fingertips, many of them free or budget-friendly, and yet they’re overlooked. From knowledge transfer software to free apps to bolster creativity, is your business suffering from a lack of technology? Would you even notice if it were?

Start with your current analytics and see where you’re suffering most. Maybe you’d enjoy a strong social media presence, you really need to embrace cloud storage, or your blog has been deserted and needs attention. Here are some of the fastest, most cost-effective ways to grow your company with technology:

1. Ditch your web designer

More and more major businesses are using platforms like WordPress to design and manage their own website. To make things even easier, Forbes has listed the best free WordPress themes to get you started. It’s so simple that even a Luddite can do it, and you can forget about those $300 minimum fees you’ve been paying your web designer. Even as a tax deduction, it’s not worth it. Understanding many of these aspects is instrumental to developing a great web presence

2. Start with Google’s cloud storage

Google Drive is probably already at your fingertips since Gmail is the most popular email option in the US. Google Drive offers an impressive amount of free storage, and it’s easy to share, edit, upload and access files with everyone in your company (or whoever else you grant access to). It’s why the MIT Review Calls this era the rise of the virtual office, and you’ll find great flexibility and time saving opportunities by getting rid of hard copy files.

3. Replace real meetings with Facetime

No matter what type of technology you use, from the iPhone Facetime to Google Hangouts, it’s not always necessary to meet in person. Sometimes it’s in everyone’s benefit, but many times it’s a big waste of time. Not only does this make scheduling easier, but you can also welcome more people to the meeting and lighten your carbon footprint by nixing telecommuting.

4. White noise websites for the win

You can also use a white noise machine, but this is a great way to reduce distracting noises and bolster productivity. Of course, the real best approach is to minimize distracting noises to begin with, but that’s not always within your control.

Use technology to your advantage and watch your business grow. Why wouldn’t you embrace tools for happier, more productive employees?

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