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4 Ways to Extend Your Brand Image to Social Media Accounts

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Companies work so hard to get their brick and mortar stores, website, and product packaging in alignment. Business leaders spend countless hours with graphic designers to create the perfect brand look. However, if you take a slap dash approach to crafting your social media image, it’s possible that you’re dropping the ball when it comes to brand consistency. Simply put, many companies do not invest time in uncovering some of the ways they can customize the way their social media profiles look. Here are four ways to tailor fit your social media profiles to your brand image.

Background Images
Social media platforms like Tumblr and Twitter offer companies significant graphical real estate space by allowing them to alter the background images on their pages. This customization shouldn’t be taken lightly. Choose something tasteful that won’t distract your readers from the content on your feeds. Avoid repetitive background wallpapers that will just create an eyesore. Your background images should use similar color schemes and fonts as the rest of your branded materials.    
Cover Images
A multitude of social media platforms have embraced cover images, including Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter. These large-scale images can be put to great use, allowing your company to advertise upcoming events, marketing campaigns, and other exciting news. You can also use these cover graphics  to convey an idea about your brand. Give your customers an inside look at your team by uploading a group portrait or an image of one of your company’s greatest accomplishments.  
Profile Pictures
This is where companies generally showcase their logo graphics. It’s important to work with your digital branding teams to format your graphics correctly for various social media platforms. The dimensions of these graphics need to match the needs of the profile accordingly. Otherwise your company runs the risk of having squished or elongated branded profile images that don’t fit the platform.
Text Fields
Make sure that your social media team fills out all of the available business profile fields. Keep these up-to-date whenever you make changes to your company phone number, email, or mailing address. Your customers will be pleased to see that your profile information is easy to access.
Brand consistency is incredibly important, especially across social media accounts Don’t forget to examine these branding efforts on the latest smartphones , to ensure that your graphical elements are optimized for mobile users. Sit down with your social media and marketing teams to streamline your brand’s look across these platforms.

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