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4 White Hat Methods to Get Backlinks From Other Websites

4 White Hat Methods to Get Backlinks From Other Websites

The SEO world can be as complicated as it is interesting. While trying to put out content, SEO specialists do everything within their knowledge to optimize the content. However, because there’s no ‌recognized regulatory body, all these techniques are often left to user discretion, except those imposed by the closest thing to a regulatory system, the search engines. 

This is where it all gets tricky. Seeing how it’s on search engine platforms SEO experts are trying to rank on, search engines decide the rules that content must follow to feature. White hat SEO follows the rules using ethical and positive tactics to grow traffic and build an audience. They are non-deceptive methods to rank on search engines.

Ethical SEO

Albeit, white hat SEO takes time and consistency. There are other methods to game the search engines and rank higher, but they’re unethical and prohibited. Black hat SEO involves risky activities like using your private blog networks to create backlinks or adding your web link to any comment section you find. These activities are perceived as spammy and are examples of the types of backlinks you should avoid

Grey hat SEO ‌is the blurred line between black and white that hasn’t been supported or condemned by search engines and could sway either way. The key to white hat back linking is to develop quality content that provides value to the audience. Some white hat back linking methods include building online relationships, mobile optimization, and leveraging video content. White hat SEO is the best link-building strategy to build website authority for the long term, and here’s how to be better at it. 

  1. Guest Posts

At the very fundamental level, SEO is a fine combination of relevance, experience, and authority. Guests posting or blogging is a fantastic way to show expertise and build authority. It involves contributing a post to another person’s website to build a relationship, gain exposure and backlinks. Guest posting helps the author tap into a new audience and establish authority while the host gets high-quality content for current readers and the possibility of new readers through the partnership.

Contrary to many opinions, guest posting works effectively as a link-building tool if done correctly. The key to guest posting is to be an authority on a subject sharing unique insight valuable to the target audience. Backlinks show authority and are one of the essential ranking factors in search engine optimization. Hence, the need to always ensure to link to high-quality websites. 

  1. Original Content

Nothing sells more than original content. People naturally share and link to original content that appeals to their audience without you pitching. However, because of the time and effort required to create, it puts many marketing professionals off. People would rather repurpose and curate content than make new ones. 

If you’ve weighed the cost and considered creating original content, you first need to identify your niche. Then identify talking points that will drive innovation by getting feedback from colleagues and the audience. Leverage tools like Google trends to see topics people discuss to increase virality. Then create your content using easily shareable forms like infographics.  

  1. Commenting on Blog Posts and Forums

Another effective white hat method is commenting on high-page rank blogs with the hope of getting a backlink. However, you have to be careful how you go about it; else, your comment will be flagged spammy or not get approved by the high PR blogs. You want to drop a value-rich comment that provides more information or a different perspective on the subject. This could emanate from personal experiences or stories.

The first part of your comment should be a greeting, and then proceed to compliment the author for the well-put-out thoughts. Starting this way improves your chances of getting noticed. Ensure your compliment isn’t patronizing but very thoughtful, highlighting the insights from the post. Then provide valuable tips that stimulate conversations around the topic and close with a promise to share the post.  

  1. Social Media Share Campaigns  

There’s been a lot of debate about whether social signals count in search engines’ ranking systems. One of the most effective ways to get backlinks from social media is by including the links in your social media profile. Research shows that it is the third most effective way to build links behind paid methods and research. And the more the traffic, the higher the conversion rates. 

Beyond adding links to your bios and posts, you want to get your content in front of the right people. Follow the specific rules of social media platforms and observe what your competitors are doing. Then target creating viral content which would be easily sharable across multiple channels. Keep tabs on recent happenings and find creative ways to engage your audience. 

Quality Over Quantity

Prioritize quality over quantity. The key to getting backlinks is focusing on providing value consistently. When your target audience finds your content useful and interesting, they share easily. Remember, SEO is a long-term strategy that pays off immensely after you’ve worked. 





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