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5 Different Types of Solar Panels and Their Cost

Solar panels work by allowing photons (light particles) to help with the free flow of electrons, which in turn generate the flow of electricity. The solar panel has a sandwich-like structure called the photovoltaic cell that is made up of semiconductors, mostly silicon. 

The silicon is placed below the non-reflective glass, which collects the photons by producing PV panels. The photons from the sun are converted into direct current electric power. The direct current is converted into an alternate current after flowing through an inverter. We are going to discuss the cost of solar panels.

According to Unbound Solar, you need to establish your goals before choosing the type of solar panels you want to install on your premise.

Different Types of Solar Panels

Solar panels are categorized based on different parameters like the generation they belong to or the junctions they have. For those categorized based on the number of junctions, there are either single or multi-junction solar panels. The difference is the layers in the solar panel. For those categorized based on generations, the difference is the efficiency and material used to make different solar panels.

Different Types of Solar Panels and Their Cost

There are 5 types of solar panels that can be bought in the Bay Area. The most common type is the Monocrystalline solar panel, which is used for residential and commercial applications. Another type is the Polycrystalline solar panel, which has a lower cost than mono panels.

1st Generation Solar Panels

1st generation solar panels are also known as traditional solar panels. They include Monocrystalline silicon and polysilicon solar panels.

  • Monocrystalline Solar Panels (Mono-SI)

These solar panels are made of the purest silicon. They are easily recognizable from their rounded edges and uniform dark looks. Because of silicon’s purity, they are the most efficient solar panels. They occupy less space, last longer, and have high power output. They are not easily affected by high temperatures, unlike other solar panels. A 50-watt solar panel goes for around 1600 rupees while the bigger solar panels that produce 350 watts go for around 8700 rupees.

  • Polycrystalline Solar Panels (Poly-SI)

These solar panels are easily recognizable because of their unique features like speckled looks, blue and they are square-shaped. They are the most popular solar panels because of the availability and cost-effectiveness. They are cheaper because they are made using raw melted silicon. 

Although they are cheaper, they have low efficiency, a shorter lifespan, low space efficiency, and can easily be affected by high temperatures. A 50-watt solar panel goes for 1500 rupees while a 350 solar panel goes for around 8000 rupees.

2nd Generation Solar Panels

The cells of these solar panels use thin-film cells. They are mainly used for small solar systems, photovoltaic power stations, and integrated buildings.

  • Thin-Film Solar Cells (TFSC)

These are some of the cheapest solar panels. They are manufactured by placing one photovoltaic material after the other on a substrate. They are easy to manufacture and thus they are cheaper than other solar panels because the materials used to manufacture them are less expensive and readily available. These can go up to 13,000 rupees depending on the brand specifications.

  • Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell (A-Si)

These solar panels are used to make things like solar pocket calculators. They use triple-layered technology. This is the best thin-film variety. They have a 7% effective performance, but they are very cheap.

3rd Generation Solar Panels

Most of these solar panels are thin films and are still in the development stage.

  • Biohybrid Solar Cell

This solar panel is still in the research and development stages. Insider research shows that these solar panels will try to emulate photosynthesis to make electricity. We just have to wait and see how this goes.


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