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5 Science Projects And Activities That Engage Students

5 Science Projects And Activities That Engage Students

Science projects make up one of the undeniably memorable moments in a kid’s school life. The opportunity to explore, be creative and come up with different projects that work is a long-lived excitement. So how can you ensure that these science projects for kids are engaging?

Science projects are part of the co-curriculum activities offered in schools. They are presented in an internal competition, and some can get recognition outside school. They provide room for kids to explore more and get out of the class settings where it’s all about pen and paper. So how much do you know about science projects and activities?

About Science Projects

Science projects and activities are primarily under specific clubs and societies in school. It varies from school to school, although you’ll most probably get them from the science or innovation clubs. They test the kids intellectually at a tender age to see how brilliant they can solve problems if presented to them. It also gets to bring out the talents and abilities of different students.

How Do Science Projects Help in the Development of Kids?

Science projects for kids help these students improve on many levels. There are several benefits associated with the impact and participation of kids in these projects. Some things that students benefit from these activities include

  • It builds the kid’s resourcefulness and ability to think critically
  • Promotes teamwork, especially for joint projects
  • Improves the kids’ problem-solving, goal-setting, and planning skills
  • It provides room to nurture the intellectual curiosity of the child
  • It gives the kids the opportunity to be hands-on in experiments

Science Projects and Activities that Engage Students

Students have displayed their utmost levels of creativity when we consider the many science projects done in the past. However, not as many were engaging. Similarly, some proved to be more innovative than others. Listed below are the best science projects and activities that engage students.

  1. Assemble an Anemometer

An anemometer measures the speed of the wind, and in this project, that’ll be a significant test. All you have to do is develop a structure that resembles an actual anemometer using locally available materials. You will then fit it on an open space to notice the strength and frequency of the rotations.

2. Learning about Transpiration in Plants

Transpiration is the process by which plants excrete excess water. All you have to do is air-tight a plastic bag onto a branch of a plant so that you can trap the evaporating moisture excreted by the plant.

3. Test Magnetism

You’ll have to get a couple of different magnets with a clear and unclear pole. This way, you can test both the rule of magnetic attraction and identify the other poles (north and south) on the magnets.

4. Water Purification

You aim to transform dirty water into a relatively clear liquid. You’ll require a jar and clean white clothing for the experiment so that after pouring the water on the tied cloth, you can see the residue after it has thoroughly drained in the jar.

5. Height Estimation

Using a ruler and a tape measure, you can estimate the heights of buildings and trees using your eyes and scaling process. All you have to do is get a height that you can measure, then stand at a distance and read what your ruler states to come up with a scale. You can then stand the same distance on other heights to get approximate actual measurements using the scale.


It’s exciting how kids can focus on a particular project and put all their time and energy into it. However, it can be difficult to mentor kids in that direction with the current situation since physical learning is postponed. However, Adobe Education Exchange provides an excellent platform to facilitate and follow up on science projects for kids.

How often do you have science projects in your school? Which was your favorite project? Leave a comment.

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