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5 Top alternatives to T-Mobile USA

T-Mobile is an international massive carrier. Their father company, a German network company, has managed to creep into the American networking market and they have done it right. In general, they are amongst the best carriers you can choose from.

However, their coverage lacks in some areas. This is the reason why thinking of unlocking your device might be a good idea. When you unlock your phone, you gain more options. You can sign up for one month into a random carrier and enjoy a promotion while switching for another the next month. The freedom of having an unlocked device is priceless.

If you are not sure of which carriers are a good option aside from T-Mobile we offer you here some of our top picks.

5 Best Alternatives to T-Mobile USA

  1. Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile is the best budget carrier you can select. Even when they have T-Mobile in the name, they offer completely different plans. For their reasonably cheap prices, they are quite reliable. If the reason you wish to change carriers and leave T – Mobile is due to the cost, then Metro is a great one to sign up.

Details: Good variety of plans from $40 to $50 for their unlimited plan. They have some low band 5G coverage in the city. But, the data can get a bit slow if the network is busy. Overall, a good deal for their price.

  1. AT&T

AT&T is among the top three best carriers in the USA today. They offer great data plans and are mostly reliable. Their coverage outside of the city needs some work but is good enough to be a great option. If you wish for an overall good carrier, AT&T should be on the top tier for selection.

Details: Their unlimited plan is a bit expensive at $85, but their best tiered and the prepaid plan is more economical costing up to $50. They have 5G coverage in plenty of cities and towns, being only low band for the latter.

  1. Verizon

Verizon is our top recommendation. They have been fighting over who gets the number one crown with T-Mobile for some time now. They are definitely well rounded and offer good quality for their prices. The coverage is incredible, and even when their internet is not the fastest in some remote areas, it might be better than most competitors. If you want to leave T-Mobile to enjoy other carrier’s promotions, or to move into a smaller town, Verizon is a great carrier, with plenty of discounts and deals all year-round.

Details: Their best unlimited plan is better than that of At&T at $80 a month. The other plans are as economical as the other big carriers with a cost of up to $55. This carrier offers one of the best 5G coverage, allowing more than 230 million people to enjoy from this speedy network

  1. Xfinity

Xfinity increased its popularity exponentially in 2020. The carrier got a name for themselves due to their very reliable high-speed Internet. While they don’t have the best coverage country wise, they are undefeated in the big cities. They won the Public’s Award for most reliable network and rightfully so. If you live in the city and wish to enjoy the fastest Internet, Xfinity is the carrier you should be signing up with. Their parent Network is Verizon, and it shows in the way they continue to keep their customers happy with great Internet service.

Details: Xfinity unlimited plan has one of the lowest costs at just $45. Their lowest is only $30 monthly. Not only they are low cost, but they deliver great Internet quality.

  1. Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless might not be the best, but they offer coverage where other carriers don’t. You should check what is the strongest carrier in your area. This carrier is reliable and has sustainable prices. It doesn’t stand out just because there are better options for those living in the city. However, they still deliver a good service and have a strong customer base. Their parent network is AT&T and maybe this was a way to spread into areas they didn’t cover initially.

Details: Their best unlimited plan is on the average price of $60, and their cheapest option costs $40. They have 5G coverage in some cities and towns.

How to switch carriers fast

Did you buy a phone from T-Mobile? If you did, it is very likely your device is carrier-locked. Whether you moved to an area where T-Mobile’s coverage is not good, you are living in a new country or you simply want to try other carriers and their offers, the best choice is to have your smartphone unlocked.

When you unlock your phone you have a device that can freely access any wireless network. You can take advantage of deals and other promotions different network providers have in place.

How to unlock your phone?

Unlocking one’s phone is actually pretty easy. The simplest way is to pay for the unlocking service on a website. There are many websites that offer the service, but not all of them are reliable. Usually, a good website will only request your IMEI. If you feel they are asking for too much personal information, better to skip.

The IMEI is a unique 15-digit number that belongs to your phone. This number is not only what allows carriers to maintain your device linked to their network, but also what will set it free in the right hands. iPhoneIMEI is one of the most reliable websites we have dealt with, as they provide a secure service in the record time of 24 hours. But, feel free to explore other options, forums are a great starting place.

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