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5 Trash Can Enclosure Products to Upgrade Your Yard

5 Trash Can Enclosure Products to Upgrade Your Yard

A few useful home and garden elements — such as trash and recycling bins — are better placed out of sight than sitting in front of your home. Leaving these garbage bins can significantly decrease the curb appeal of your home, and may cause unwanted litters once a scavenger goes through the trash. To help you with this problem, you should check out some trash can enclosures. 

Luckily, we will share with you five trash can enclosure products that will hide the unsightly bins and beautify your yard.

1. Lifetime Trash Can and Wood Enclosure

This barn-style trash can enclosure is for you if you are in the industry for broad wood and trash shed. There is something about the wooden screens that give us an impression of classic western movies and the farm’s homely look. Again, the garbage enclosure with neutral colors will make it look natural along with your outdoor furniture. You can remove its cover to make it easier to access the contents of the shed. 

2. Garden Products Premium Vinyl Privacy Screen from Zippity

Cover your unsightly things like garbage cans or air conditioners with this deluxe No-Dig Vinyl Privacy Screen. Not only is this trash can enclosure going to cover your unmentionables, but it is also going to bring a brake appeal to your house. Crafted with PVC vinyl, this panel looks the same on both sides. It is perfectly tight to give full anonymity. Each package comes with two parts to make a right angle, and you can buy additional units if you want to build a larger enclosure.

3. Homelity Outdoor Trash Can Enclosure

This vinyl privacy screen offers an appealing way to conceal the unsightly stuff on your lawn. The white vinyl slats are very close together to almost entirely obscure the view of what is behind with an elegant white style. 

The flexible two-panel display can deal with style work. The slats can be put on either side of your trash enclosure or whatever use you may have for it. These panels can be mounted independently of each other or can be configured in several forms.

4. Suncast Horizontal Storage Shed

A sturdy and low maintenance plastic shed, you can quickly build the Suncast shed with only a few essential tools. It has a safe foundation – perfect if you are trying to store heavy stuff inside. You can use the shed as a garbage can enclosure to store gardening equipment and tools, out-of-the-house apparatus, and even children’s bicycles. With a lockable lid, you are assured that the shed is secure. 

Be mindful of the measurements and the weight of the bins carefully if you plan to place garbage bins or other equipment like a bicycle inside the shed. And because Suncast has a variety of matching pieces, not only will it make your yard look good, but it will even make it look organized.

5. Keter Resin Trash Can Shed

The Keter Trash Can Shed is a good choice for storing your garbage outdoors. This stocks and conceals up to two 32-gallon trash bins, your gardening equipment, or for your swimming pool necessities (chairs/assembly tables, pool toys or floats, and other pool essentials). 

With an easy-to-open hydraulic piston lid, the Keter shed is handy for throwing large trash bags and shutting the top, guaranteed to keep the animals away from your trash bins. The shed has storage bases already installed (note that it does include the shelves for the shed). All it requires is a flat platform to make it stand. Along with steel reinforcements, it is made from polypropylene plastic, making cleaning easy while maintaining its durability and good wooden appearance.


Although only some are designed exclusively for garbage storage, you can use them for just about anything you want to bring in. So let us hope that the “trashy” look outside your home is gone! Try the garbage can enclosure ideas, cover that trash can, and bring in an upgrade to your yard!

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