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7 Steps to Help Prevent Ransomware Attack

7 Steps to Help Prevent Ransomware Attack

Everyone who uses the internet needs to be aware of the dangers of ransomware. This type of malware targets computer systems and restricts users from accessing files or parts of their system unless a ransom is paid. Below are seven steps that can help prevent a ransomware attack.

1. Keep Software Up to Date

The most important step is keeping the latest versions of all the software you use on your computer. 

Keeping these as up-to-date as possible will help protect you from malware that can prevent you from accessing your files. If there are updates available for your operating system, be sure to install them and keep your system patched up.

2. Regular Updating of Your Antivirus

It is important to update your antivirus software regularly. All antivirus programs have a feature to notify you when your system has become infected with a virus or other malware. 

This is important because it can slow down the spread of viruses by allowing the user to remove them before they can take over your system.

3. Using a Firewall

All computers should have a firewall installed, and all internet connections need to be protected. This will help to block out threats before they can enter your system.

4. Never Open Emails From Unknown Sources

This is one of the best ways on how to prevent ransomware. It would help if you never opened any email attachments from unknown sources. 

This can be as easy as sending you an email with a file they say is useful evidence for an upcoming school project. Be very cautious with emails that you do not recognize. The best thing to do is never to open them at all.

5. Be Careful What You Click On

The internet is filled with malicious links and malware. You mustn’t click on links that you do not trust or those that look strange to you. If you see a link that looks suspicious, it is best to close out of the webpage and get more information before clicking on it.

6. Only Install Programs From Trusted Source

If you need to install programs onto your computer, be sure that they come from a trusted source. 

There are many instances of people installing programs that they think will somehow help them, but malicious files can infect your computer. Before you install any software, make sure it is from a trusted source.

7. Avoid Social Media Sites

Many social media sites contain malicious links and advertisements. These will often lead to malware being installed on your computer without you knowing about it. 

While this might not be as common as it was several years ago, it is important to be aware that these sites can still lead to malicious software on your system.


These are some of the most effective ways to prevent a ransomware attack. By using these methods, you can lower the risk of becoming a victim. It is best to prevent the infection before it starts infecting your system. While ransomware is currently a dangerous threat, there are simple steps that you can take to protect yourself like using a service such as Egnyte.

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