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An Ultimate Guide to SASE and The Best SASE Tools


The increased remote and hybrid workforce has urged the need for an advanced security framework. Now, organizations call for fast and perpetual user access irrespective of their location. Current networking tools do not provide that level of encryption and seamless user access that this digitally evolving workspace demands. Here is your definitive guide to this marketing catchword SASE and the best SASE tools.

The terminology SASE stands for “Secure Access Service Edge,” Gartner interpreted it as a cloud-computing IT networking structure that securely integrates software-defined connections and system protection purposes, associating users, digital workspace, and devices to the servers at the endpoint. 

In short, you can say that SASE is not a particular security system but a system of converging many security frameworks together with networking. Gartner explained SASE as a protective rectification resulting from a cloud-computing IT framework. SASE comes with an all-inclusive WAN competence with overall system safety features like ZTNA, SWG, CASB, etc.

Importance of SASE

SASE is an answer to the constantly expanding protection and intercommunicating mechanics and keeping up with the requirements of the online workforce to connect with endpoint devices securely. Security and intercommunicating technologies need to establish an IT framework that effectively transits from interlinked data hubs to widespread cloud locations—moving to a digital workforce with enhanced dependence on cloud-organized software leading to requisition for dispersed cyberspace.

Motive behind SASE

Although the critical driving factor for SASE is an enlarged remote workforce, the other important cause is the distended cyberspace endpoints. Secure Access Service Edge overview of each network and protection tools brought into action throughout the cloud cyberspace. When such systems and security policies link with the primary system and program framework, SASE can assist businesses in developing a more encrypted and reactive software environment.

A Few SASE Tools

Before choosing any SASE tool, you must consider a few things and inspect the following points;

  • A feasible and quick network operation structure
  • A reliable solution with well-grounded encryption of the system
  • Solid encryption for the central hub to circumvent potential invaders
  • An infrastructure that is adaptable to the data encryption standards

Keeping these points as criteria, here is a list of a few SASE tools that assist with considerable flexibility for emerging startups and are adaptable for almost all networks;

NordLayer SASE

NordLayer SASE tool combines software environment and protection into a comprehensive, user-friendly cloud-computing structure, providing top-notch protection to network data and all consumers at the endpoints.

Key Features;

  • SaaS encryption merges network data encryption and user privacy into a unified cloud-based system.
  • You can avoid doubting servers and consumers, which succeeds in threat elimination. It circumvents potential cyber threats and averts your system from potential invaders.
  • Secure Remote Access helps consumers establish a secure local software system to associate all the connections across the web servers.
  • The zero-trust protection infrastructure constantly evaluates and modifies trust levels.

Cloudflare One SASE

The Cloudflare One is a SASE outcome from a top security distributor. The Cloudflare One solution perfectly integrates all edge solutions recommended by the enterprises into one all-inclusive system.

Key Attributes;

  • The features of this SASE tool are WARP which allows system management via consumer-centric systems.
  • SD-WAN
  • Argo solution for dispersed cloud locations
  • ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access
  • Amalgamate digital environment into a solution with SWG (Secure Web Gateway)
  • DPI for executing traffic and FWaaS

Zscaler SASE

Zscaler provides various solutions that enable you to execute SASE in multiple ways. For instance, you opt for managing all of your systems on the Zscaler network and allow it to complete a gateway strategy on your cyberspace, and allow Zscaler to trade beyond the system by equipping an IP layer. You can also choose to consolidate data to secure your network.

Key Features;

  • Encrypt individual devices
  • Execute potential risk detection no matter the protection solution you choose to implement

Open Systems SASE

This SASE approach comes up with a hybrid system and conceals your underlying plan of action for your assets. It lets you integrate cloud assets and in-house workstations into a combined network for your consumers.

Key Attributes;

  • Incorporate SD-WAN, CASB, and IPS
  • Combines examining and keeping track of activities
  • Malware protection and encryption


The above article discusses SASE and a few SASE tools. To get the best out of the SASE, go for an easy to operate and flexible package. To add an extra layer of security to reinforce the dispersed cyberspace, a close association with cloud communication is essential that, in return, generates the motive of SASE.


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