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Avoid these 7 Misconceptions about GPS Tracking

Avoid these 7 Misconceptions about GPS Tracking

Many myths and misconceptions surround GPS tracking, especially when used by businesses and integrated into software for construction management. Common misconceptions about GPS tracking usually regard how the devices monitor vehicles or whether or not it is even needed in a particular business’s operations. 

However, if integrated properly into construction management software or other business management cloud platforms, GPS tracking systems can have multiple benefits that those with common misconceptions about GPS tracking cannot see. 

While this article won’t specifically cover the benefits of GPS tracking systems for businesses, we will outline 7 of the most common misconceptions about GPS tracking that you need to avoid to make the right decision for your company or business. 

1. We Don’t Need GPS Tracking because We Trust Our Workers 

Contrary to this popular misconception, GPS tracking is not about keeping tabs on your workers’ every move. Instead, it is about reducing inefficiencies in the field to reduce operating costs. In fact, it has been proven time and time again that GPS tracking systems increase routing and dispatching efficiency, thereby reducing overall maintenance and fuel costs.  

2. GPS Tracking Will Make Workers Uncomfortable 

This misconception has been proven wrong by thousands of workers in whose work lives GPS tracking systems have integrated. In fact, once field workers get used to GPS tracking systems, they actually become dependent on them for various things. This includes security, roadside assistance, routing information, and much more. 

3. GPS Tracking Systems Are too Complicated to Install and Use 

Modern technology proves to us that this conception about GPS tracking is wrong. Both installation and usage of GPS tracking systems today are fairly simple. It requires the installation of GPS receivers on company vehicles and some interfaces on office PCs. Moreover, you can make the process much easier for your employees by working with an experienced and highly reputable GPS tracking vendor.  

4. GPS Tracking Can Be Managed via Cell Phones 

Although cell phones are necessary for efficient communications, a GPS tracking system cannot be managed via cell phones in a useful way for fleet managers. This is because modern GPS tracking systems include a software interface that provides real-time metrics about a whole host of operational specifics, including engine status, vehicle location, mileage, fuel consumption patterns, and start and stop times. 

5. GPS Tracking Is Not a Necessary Part of the Company’s Budget 

This is an understandable misconception as GPS tracking systems are often a hefty investment. However, since these systems have been proven to increase efficiency and streamline operational processes, you can save money and increase your profit margin through the appropriate use of GPS tracking systems over time. 

6. GPS Tracking is Unproven Technology 

This misconception has no place in the modern technological world, as GPS systems have been used effectively by small and large businesses for many decades. What’s more, the core technology is also becoming very prevalent in the consumer market, and anyone who has used this technology for some time will surely vouch for its effectiveness. 

7. GPS Tracking is Unnecessary for a Small Company 

Whether you have 400 vehicles to keep track of or just 4, a GPS tracking system will surely bring multiple benefits to your company through more efficient use of resources and more streamlined coordination. Therefore, as long as your small company is benefiting from GPS tracking systems, the question of whether or not it is necessary is pretty irrelevant. 

The Bottom Line 

GPS tracking systems, especially those integrated with software for construction management and other such demanding industries, have proven time and time again to bring multiple benefits to a company through more streamlined coordination and more efficient use of resources. 

Therefore, if you harbour any of the misconceptions about GPS tracking outlined above, you may have to revaluate the extent to which you want to benefit your company’s operations.  

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