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Best Emporio Armani Watches You Should Add To Your Collection

Best Emporio Armani Watches You Should Add To Your Collection

We all know how daunting it is to decide on something as simple as a wristwatch. There is quite a list you need to go through to justify your purchase. Do you want an automatic movement or quartz? Do you plan on donning it every day, or is it a special occasion watch? Do you want a diver’s, an aviator, or a dress watch?

These are just some of the many considerations you need to consider. You also have to think if you want your dial to come in a specific color or want to get from a reputable brand. Even then, you still would want to consider complications on your watch! In this article, we’ve listed down some of the best choices for an Emporio Armani watches for you to peruse:

Emporio Armani Skeleton Automatic White Dial

Arguably one of the finest Emporio Armani watches out there today, the Skeleton White Dial in automatic movement is a cut above the rest among the Emporio Armani timepieces. It looks and feels like a classic and is versatile enough for everyday wear as well as on special events. The dial is the star here, a skeleton number that exposes the automatic movement machinations powering the watch inside. 

Emporio Armani is not a watchmaker as much as it is a luxury goods brand. But with this timepiece, they’ve proven that they can create classy and elegant watches that go swimmingly well with the rest of their product lines. The Emporio Armani Skeleton Automatic will cost you a couple of hundred dollars more than the other options listed here, but trust us when we say that this may be the watch to get if you’ve ever just wanted one from the brand.

Emporio Armani Hybrid Watch

Smartwatches are all the rage these days, and while it is true that tech giants like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei are leading the way in this product line, there are several brands that have dipped their toes in it. The convenience that a smartwatch offers is miles beyond the classic wristwatches, and therein lies the differentiation for these wearable technologies. 

Emporio Armani’s Hybrid Watch is not your typical smartwatch. For starters, it doesn’t look like one–in fact, it looks like a regular watch with a minimalist dial. But underneath, you can connect it to any Android or iPhone, receive notifications, as well as monitor and track sleep. You can also connect it to your music, and is a perfect companion for early morning jogs.

Emporio Armani Sportivo White Dial

The Sportivo line from Emporio Armani screams of luxury inside and out. Powered by an accurate quartz movement, the watch is a study of vintage-styled wristwatches. The men’s version for this watch sports a chronograph complication, a gold-tone stainless steel case protecting it, and a silicone band for the strap. 

This watch is a great everyday watch for anyone who works for a corporation. The timepiece is versatile enough to pair with a lot of clothing choices, and the date complication in between the 4th and 5th hour is helpful for quick checking of what date today is. To top it all off, a durable mineral crystal protects the dial from direct damage.


These three Emporio Armani watches are your top choices when you are looking for a starter timepiece from the brand. Always remember to ask around your local retailers to compare prices. You can also scour the internet for better deals. Any of these watches will be perfect for gifting for the holidays, for when a special person is celebrating a special occasion, or even a milestone!

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