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Best PC Games under 1GB

PC games are best to consider whenever a person is feeling bored wish to pass their time. But the issue arises with PC games is size. If you are among those who are looking forward to the best PC games, but there is space issue in your PC then here we will be going to mention about the best PC games under 1GB . Within no time, you will be going to get the best game available, and you can easily pass your time.

Far Cry 1

best PC games under 1GB

Far Cry 1 is the best game for all those who are looking forward to the game in which we can play as an individual. Uses of Survival game in the open world. Hear a guy is trapped in an island which is full of bad people. He is looking forward to getting out of the isolated Island as soon as possible. He needs to kill the main guy who is running the terror all around. All the weapons are available with the player like automatic Rifles, green, sneakers and pistols. We can use them and kill the bad guys easily. Cars are available that will help a person to reach another point on the map. It is available in 700mb only.

Far Cry 2 :

Far Cry 2 is one of the best games to consider whenever you are looking forward to the best PC games under 1GB . It is the second production of Far Cry series. Till yet, six games are available in the same series.

Apart from the fact that Far Cry 3 is one of the most considered choices by the players but if you wish to save the space on your PC, then you must go for Far Cry 2 as it is available with best of the graphics and you can easily play it. The type of the game is Shooter, open world, and FPP. And the downloading sizes 1.1 GB only.

Rogue Singularity :

Rogue singularity is also the best game to have under 1GB. This game is a science fiction game, and robotic characters are included in it. Basically, one can conclude this game is the highest speed infinite obstacle course. Within time, a person will be able to understand, and they can choose between the characters. A player must close all the hard obstacles in order to win the level and the game as well. It is a survival game and missions are fixed point the downloading size of the game is 700 MB only.

Moto GP 2:

Moto GP 2 is also one of the most considered games these days because it is a bike racing game and is known to provide realistic gameplay. Not all the racing games are available in just 1 GB, but this is the right one to choose because of the graphics and because of the adventures available in IT. Hear a person will be able to get engaged in racing and complete as well. The downloading size of the file is 500 MB only. This clearly indicates that this is known to be the best PC game under 1GB, and it will let a person pass their time easily.

Interstellar space Genesis:

There might be a chance, that by the name you are guessing it to be a game which is somewhat like the Interstellar space fights in Star Wars. But this is not the truth at all. It is an opposite game, and here a player must follow strategies to survive, and space and aliens are there that we make this game worth playing. Moreover, there will be to enjoy this game because of the graphics used in it. Moreover, the downloading size of this game is 1.2 GB only. After downloading it, a player can play it is

Total Overdose:

Total Overdose is also one of the best games available under 1GB. This is an open-world game and the graphics used are also up to the mark. It is a handy game because of its size. Downloading size of Total Overdose game is 980 MB only. Moreover, in earlier times people use to play GTA and GTA SA because of the high and performance. With Total Overdose, a person will be able to get engaged in shooting and also they will be able to pass their time easily. If you wish to feel about Nostalgia in the relentless life, then this game is the right one for you to choose.

Max Payne 1:

Max Payne 1 is also the best PC game under 1GB because it is a mission-based game and third-person Shooter is available with an amazing storyline. The graphics which are used in this game are quite irritating, but the best part about this game is the available mission. A person will be able to get engaged in shooting whenever they are going to be a part of the mission and playing it. In the 2000s this is one of the most considered games on computer and play stations. If you have not played it yet, then you must download it as soon as possible.

Robin Hood:

Robin Hood is also an amazing game to play. It is a strategy based on the game, and here a person must apply the strategies. If they are not using their brains to apply the started you, then they will not be able to pass the game. Moreover, it is also necessary for a person to understand about the gameplay because if they are not aware of it, then the gameplay will not reach to their heads at all. The size of the game is 600 MB only.

Conclusion for best PC games under 1GB

These are the best PC games under 1GB. Depend upon the choice of the user which day which to prefer. Moreover, the games mentioned are not only interesting to play but will also up to the mark considering graphics. These games will not create high on the PC of a person, and with the smooth interface, they will be able to play them.

If you wish to know something more about games or you have any query then do let us know in the comment section below. Without any hassle, enjoy gaming and do not feel bored at all.

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