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Building a Good PPC Campaign


In the modern world, digital marketing is a key part of your business’s success. The time when having a website was a quaint curiosity is long since passed and your company’s website and social media presence are some of your most important customer engagement tools. Digital marketing employees several tools and to have a successful marketing plan requires you carefully layout out your approach and make use of a PPC strategy.

What Is PPC

PPC stands for pay per click and is a marketing strategy where you have your company’s ads prominently placed in locations where interested customers are likely to see them such as search engine results and on popular websites. The name refers to the fact that such ads are only charged when someone clicks on them, although there may be other costs. These types of ads are valuable because of their visibility and if well-placed can help drive visitors to your company’s platforms.

Building An Effective PPC Strategy

PPC strategies are complex and require careful planning to provide the results you want.

  • Set Clear Goals: as with any marketing planning, your PPC strategy should have clearly defined goals. These can include an increase in visitor count on your company’s online platforms and how many of these new visitors result in sales.
  • Work With Experts: marketing is a field that is always changing and growing. It can be very difficult to plan a PPC strategy effectively unless you have industry experience. Hiring an outside company to assist in your PPC strategy ensures you have access to the experience and advice you need to succeed.
  • Using The Right Tools: software platforms to both manage your strategy and track market performance are needed to ensure your marketing approach is working as intended and providing the proper results versus your competition.
  • Budgeting: digital marketing can be as expensive and far-reaching as any other type of marketing. Part of your PPC planning should involve a proper overview of the budget and associated costs. Consideration should also be given to any future growth or expansion of your strategy as your customer base grows.
  • Testing Your Keywords: part of an effective PPC ad is having it be associated with the proper keywords. You want your business’s ad to show up alongside search results that match the goods and services your business offers.
  • Landing Page: a well-designed and relevant landing page should be linked to your advertisements. So, when customers click on your ads, they receive further information that inspires them to learn more about your business and its offerings.
  • Customer Profile: as with any advertising, you don’t want to cast too wide a net. A customer profile can narrow down your target customer to those most likely to be receptive to what your business offers. You can use profile traits such as gender, income level, and location to narrow your customer profile. You can also use more precise data such as past purchasing habits and even favorite media.

Final Thoughts

Reaching potential customers has always been an essential part of successful businesses. While the format has changed over the decades, a good advertising campaign is still needed to bring in new customers who may not be aware that you’re offering the services they need. A good PPC campaign can be an essential part of that wider marketing outreach campaign.

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