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3 Signs Your Business is in Urgent Need of Security

Every business is vulnerable to crime and illegal activity including enterprises that participate in conferences, festivals, and sporting events. These large gatherings attract lawlessness and chaos, especially when alcohol is involved. To ensure the safety of customers, and prevent the potential for physical and financial damage, numerous companies turn to private security. However, at what point should a business begin searching for security guard services Louisiana? Here are three signs that indicate an enterprise is in need of protection.

3 Signs Your Business is in Urgent Need of Security

Located in High Crime Regions

The rate of crime in some regions are chronically high. This doesn’t automatically mean it’s a bad neighborhood. The term high crime is applied to areas that have few offenders who commit multiple crimes, or an abundance of offenders that commit a low amount of crimes. An example of a business in a high-risk area would be a warehouse located in an isolated environment. Deserted surroundings increase the possibility of a break-in.

Inventory Shrinkage

When a business experiences shrinkage, it refers to the loss of inventory due to employee theft, looters, vendor fraud, and administrative errors. The National Retail Security Survey found the cost of shrinkage to be over $50.6 billion in losses. Shockingly employee theft accounts for half of the inventory loss. A well-trained security guard can save money for a business by reducing these problems. If an employee is facing termination due to their involvement with shrinkage, a security guard serves as an unbias witness since they are employed by a separate company.

The Provision of Alcohol

Any establishment that involves the sale of alcohol mandates the presence of a security guard. The consumption of alcohol, especially in excess, may lead to physical altercations, which easily result in people becoming injured or damaged property. Eventually, these liabilities become a costly expense. The security staff can quickly quell the situation by intercepting before the incident intensifies.

Crime can strike at any time, in any place. An effective way to resolve these issues is by taking preventative actions. A properly secured business gives peace of mind, resulting in an efficient high functioning business.

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