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C2i Genomics Series Casdin Capitalmccarthytechcrunch

C2i, Saas Product to Detect Cancer Gets Series B Funding

Tumors are scary, and the thought of having cancer can make you very anxious. Knowing a loved one is suffering from cancer is even more distressing. Usually, when doctors notice a tumor, they would remove it and send it for analysis. It takes some time before the reports are shared with you. The period of uncertainty is very difficult, and at the same time, an early cancer diagnosis means better survival rates. This is where C2i Genomics comes into the picture, as it has developed a SaaS-based software that can detect cancer in a more efficient way.

What is C2i Genomics Series Casdin Capitalmccarthytechcrunch ?

C2i, a genomics SaaS product to detect traces of cancer, raises $100M

As per an article from McCarthy, C2i Genomics is 100x more sensitive in detecting the disease. This can be a blessing for the patients since it improves the chances of survivability by multiple folds. In addition to this, C2i technology can help doctors during liquid biopsies. The genome sequence is uploaded on the platform provided by C2i, and the platform can identify even the faint patterns that can detect the presence of cancer. At the same time, C2i can also point out if the cancer is growing or shrinking. The results are very critical from the perspective of someone who is suffering from cancer. The doctors can alter the treatment if the tumor or the cancer is not shrinking. In addition, it also helps you find out the probability of relapse.

C2i Genomics Series Casdin Capitalmccarthytechcrunch

Owing to the benefits offered by C2i Genomics, the company was able to secure $100 million in funding in Series B. This series B round of investment was led by Casdin Capital. This investment is going to help C2i genomics with further product improvements. They will also be able to improve this platform’s adoption rates, which will eventually benefit millions of cancer patients and improve the survival rates of these patients.

It may further be noted that C2i Genomics is software that can be used by any lab that has a sequencing machine. Only the sequence from the biopsy is to be uploaded on the software, and the data is then processed by this SaaS-powered tool. Further, it must be noted that C2i Genomics is based on the research results performed by Dr. Zviran & Dr. Dan Landdau. They are associated with the new York Genomic Center & Weill Cornel Medicine. The results of this research are also published in the medical journal Nature Medicine.

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