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Did You know, You Can Apply for a Cash Card, Even If You Don’t Need One?

If you plan to visit Thailand in the not-too-distant future, then you should have already started to think about how you will carry money around with you, or will you? Some people rely purely on their credit cards but, that can become an expensive option, especially when you consider the bank fees that are usually occurred. It may seem obvious, but if it were that simple people wouldn’t lose money, here are some preventative measures from people who have already walked the walk;

  • Use credit and keep cash to a minimum.

Using a credit card protects you from unwanted transactions if it is stolen. Cash, on the other hand, has the potential to induce overspending and is considerably more likely to be lost or stolen. Do you want to feel safe? Put a credit or debit card in your wallet, look for cards that don’t charge a foreign transaction fee and, plan to spend no more than the amount on your next statement. It should be supplemented with some ready cash.

  • Get a cash card

Some companies in Thailand offer cash card services so, essentially you top the card up and use it instead of cash, the great thing about this route is that you’ll often find incentives so, apply for a cash card and, you could actually gain something too!

  • Make use of a money belt

Traditional money belts and its adaptations, such as a bra stash, crocheted money pouches (that may be worn as necklaces), or travel underwear with hidden pockets, are still quite useful for keeping cash that doesn’t grow on trees. You may even store your passport or driver’s license in there.

  • Keep an Anti-Theft Bag with you.

Many travel bags have features such as cut-proof, steel-cable-reinforced shoulder straps, slash-proof fabric, and locking zippers. These are great for stashing money since they slow down criminals, discouraging them from stealing your goods. Never put your luggage out of sight.

  • Make use of little bills

They’re less likely to draw attention, are easier to exchange, and are definitely easier to use in these traditionally cash-dependent countries, the majority of which are unlikely to have change for large notes, if they do then they will be reluctant to receive a 1000 thb bill for a 40th meal.

  • Use the safe!

Some people found that they were actually able to get a better rate of exchange in their own country, so they change all their cash at a local vendor and then stash it in the safe when they get to their room. The only trouble with this approach is that you will be risking losing a lot if something goes wrong and how will you reopen the safe if you forget the code? The main benefits are, no costs for taking money out and a much better rate than your average Thai exchange booth.


Keep your wits about you and just be sensible. The crime rate is pretty low in Thailand, or at least you don’t hear of any petty theft, in fact, you are more likely to have somebody return an item than to walk off with it.

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