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Editing PDFs: How to Split PDF Files Using PDFBear?

Editing PDFs: How to Split PDF Files Using PDFBear?

You will come across hundreds and tons of files for almost everything carried out online presently, often in PDF format. You will have plenty of PDF files to receive and send, even if you’re a student getting classes online or an employee working at home. And you might even think why the majority of files are in PDF format?

The most standard of all files is PDF files. With no need for additional modifications and plug-ins, you can quickly and automatically view and read them through almost any device. As PDF files preserve their original look, you apparently can’t need to think about differences in formatting. But there are some times when you need to detach a page but save it as a new document from a PDF file. You need to split PDF files between doing this.

What Exactly is PDFBear?

PDFBear is a service (or SaaS) online program that not only a split PDF free tool, but it can also transform them into PDF format and conversely. Many other features of PDFBear, or even all of the needs for school or work, are beneficial. Mainly if you work with several multiple file types, it’s a one-stop portal that is really useful.

Including its simple user interface, the PDFBear website is easy to manage, so you won’t have a tough time searching for the resources you need. Prior to converting files or using some of their options available, you don’t have to undertake any purchases. There are no mandatory sign-ups or log-ins. And you also don’t have to download any new plug-ins or applications. It’s so nice, hence why we strongly recommend this for all of your document necessities.

How to Use Split PDF Tool of PDFBear

Let’s explore how to split your PDF files since you’ve gone about why and how PDF files are indeed the finest of all files and what a split PDF is, and the impressive PDFBear method. The method is fast and simple with PDFBear and will not consume you five minutes! In no time, you’ll receive your necessary documents! So follow the procedure to split your PDF file.

Choose Single or Multiple Files

On the Split PDF section of PDFBear, choose the file or files you want to split. You can do it by tapping on the “Select Files” option or by opening a folder, selecting and then dragging and dropping the files on the website page. Wait until the files on the page are uploaded. It will only take a couple of seconds to upload, so don’t bother about wasting time.

Choose The Pages For Splitting and Export

Choose the PDF pages you would like to split up. Tap on the pages to pick in order to do this. Choose as many or as little as you like. Only make sure the right pages are selected. When the pages you won’t have been picked, tap them again to customize them. Export them to an independent PDF file afterward. This will not take much time, just as with the upload time.

Download the Split PDF File

You can already download it to any device after exporting your PDF documents into an individual file. Click the ‘Download’ key, and your file will be downloaded immediately. You can use your PDF file now or share it!


With PDFBear, you do not have to waste a single penny or waste time to get the work completed! Using PDFBear is no burden, and that’s the advantage of this great web interface. So try PDFBear for yourself, and you’ll have no issues with your files anymore.

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