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Eraser not working photoshop: What are the methods to solve this issue?

Eraser not working photoshop: What are the methods to solve this issue?

Eraser not working in photoshop is a commonly reported issue, and there is an easy way for solving this issue. There are several reasons behind this issue, but the method of fixing them is easy.

  1. Part of the image

Erase or edit pixels within the selected area. Click Ctrl/cmd+D on keyboard. With that, there will be the possibility to deselect any part of your image selected.

  1. Duplicate image

Use the eye (layer visibility) that can help to hide other similar visible layers or backgrounds. Also, there will be a possibility to delete any unwanted duplicate layers. You will have to do that by right-clicking the layer. Make sure that you select delete or use the trash icon.

  1. Working on a layer mask

When you’ve created a layer mask or when you don’t need it, delete it by right-clicking. Then you will have to delete it. Disable the mask or invert (ctrl/cmd+i) that can help to reveal the masked area.

  1. Default colors for layer mask not being set to black and white

When you wish to erase directly on the mask layer, but the eraser tool hasn’t been working, there you will have Click D on your keyboard that can change your default colors to black and white. Using X can help in switching between the two colors whenever you’re erasing your mask.

  1. Your layer is locked

Whenever it comes to erasing on a locked layer, Photoshop comes with an error dialog. You can fix it by unlocking your selected layer by unchecking the lock icon.

  1. Selected brush and brush settings

Make sure that you are using a different brush with erase tool that can help in seeing how it works. Check opacity, flow, hardness, and size settings. Check the settings at the top of the options bar. The alternative is that you’ll have to right-click on your canvas while the eraser tool active.

Final words

Eraser not working in photoshop can be fixed with the above-mentioned steps. It is easy to fix when you follow these steps without missing anyone.

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