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Excnn Maggie leungwennmachers Andreessenhorowitz

Maggie Leung Joins Andreessen Horowitz as Executive Editor

Maggie Leung is a known name in the content development space. In recent news, it was disclosed that Maggie Leung is ending its association with NerdWallet, and she is now joining Andreessen Horowitz as an executive editor. Leung’s responsibility would include building the media operations to cover the technology & innovation at this new organization. This brings an end to a nine year old association with NerdWallet.

Excnn Maggie leungwennmachers andreessenhorowitz

leungwennmachers -> Maggie leung and Margit Wennmachers
andreessenhorowitz -> Andreessen Horowitz

NerdWallet is a personal finance site that helps users make smart decisions by comparing products. It allows users to compare credit cards, banking services, personal loans, insurance, investment plans, and more. It also offers tutorials, tips, and calculators for quickly making complex calculations.

Excnn Maggie leungwennmachers Andreessenhorowitz

Talking about Andreessen Horowitz, it was incepted in the year 2009, and it is a private American Venture Capital Firm. The company has its headquarters in California. Margit Wennmachers from Andreessen Horowitz talked about this recent hiring decision. Margit said that the organization was looking for a critical thinker, a proven builder, and a person who could lead the journalists to create the media operations from scratch. Margit added that Maggie Leung ticked all the boxes. So, for Andreessen Horowitz, it was very important to hire Maggie Leung.

You may already know that Maggie worked for over 20 years in daily news like the Washing Post, The Wall Street Journal, and CNN. She was working as a senior editor at CNN. Margit also added that Andreessen Horowitz is very excited about the new hire, and they are sure that their association with Leung will benefit them in a positive way. It looks as if the company has been trying to hire Maggie for a long time, and they were finally able to onboard her. She certainly brings a lot to the table with her.

The editorial team at Andreessen Horowitz is presently led by Amelia Salyers (Managing Director) & Sonal Chokshi (Editor in Chief). Maggie would closely work with Sonal & Amelia to deliver the results with the rest of the editorial team. It would be very interesting to see the new content that the group of these veteran journalists comes up with. The association between Maggie Leung, Amelia Salyers & Sonal Chokshi is legendary. We expect this strong content management team to make a very successful media operation for Andreessen Horowitz’s technology & innovation area.

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