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Fallout 4 Crashing On Startup

Fallout 4 is an action game by Bethesda Game Studios . Fallout 4 game is accessible for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One platforms. Many Game Lovers suffered with Fallout 4 Crashing On Startup . At the time of releasing this game, it had several viruses and issues which were cracked later in the new update . It is usual for Computer gamers to encounter the problems at the time of playing the Fallout 4 game on their PC. Many users, even the specialists, have gone via a ton of issues & faults connected with playing games on their Computers.

Fallout 4 Crashing On Startup

Occasionally, Fallout 4 crashes during loading and after a few seconds of the commencement. These issues can arise because of video resolution, graphic card problems, or hardware problems. We are here with different methods to Fix. We wish you to try to understand the ways well before applying them.

How to fix Fallout 4 Crashing On Startup ?

Install the newest version 

  • First of all, install or download the latest version of Fallout 4 or update the app to use the latest aspects and backgrounds offered by the app.
  • The viruses present in the Fallout 4 game can also cause colliding problems, and that’s why the creators keep revealing the updates of the Fallout 4 game.
  • Installing the updates creates the app to operate proficiently and securely on your PC.

Reduce your graphics drivers

  • The configuration of the video is also the reason for Fallout 4 crashing on startup.
  • So, you have to handle your Graphic settings cautiously as steaming releases new updates to its games now and later.
  • The NVidia carter updates are 358.91, 358.87, and 358.50. You must return to 355.98.

Update your video drivers

Occasionally, the old-fashioned Graphic card driver is also the reason for Fallout 4 Crashing. Therefore, ensure the video drivers are advanced. You can update the Video Drivers automatically or mechanically.

Change some settings

One of the standard solutions that will fix the issue and many gamers have provided this solution. You have to change some system settings to evade thrashing.


Disable Anti-Virus

Anti-virus working on the backside of the device may also cause problems in Fallout 4. To resolve this problem, you have to disable the anti-virus. Press on the “Show hidden” image on the taskbar. Press on right-click on the anti-virus image and hit on the “quit” or “exit” option. Now, you can restart the Fallout 4 again.

Verify integrity of game cache

The integrity of the game cache option is confirmed for uncommon or strange problems. The choice evaluates the game folders, and then the cache repairs the hidden game folders. Once the verification is done, you can open your PC again and restart the game.

Uninstall and download the fallout 4 again

After applying all the methods mentioned above, then you will see that they have not worked for you. Then uninstall and download the Fallout 4 again. Search the Fallout 4 game and then press on it and choose the uninstall tab. Press yes on the next page that seems on the screen, and the installation will take a few seconds. Visit the official website and then download the Fallout 4 game again.

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