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Homework Before Finding a Lender

Homework Before Finding a Lender
Your finances are no small factor in buying a home, and finding a mortgage lender can seem like a daunting task. Professionals like those at Sun West Mortgage can be a great resource, but know what steps to take before contacting anyone to make the process as easy as possible.

Start Working on Your Credit

Your credit score is the starting point in your home buying journey. Do what you can to make improvements to it before contacting Sun West Mortgage to seek out a lender. This is not always easy, but some adjustments might include:

Get Finances in Order

This goes hand-in-hand with responsible spending and paying off bills. Organize your finances into one cohesive place like a spreadsheet. You will see where your money is going and this will help you work out a budget. Total up the cost of income and subtract the cost of all money you spend. Don’t forget small expenses like:

  • Gas
  • Coffee
  • Fast food

Doing your homework before reaching out to a mortgage lender can save you time. Being financially responsible and knowing how you spend money will speed up the mortgage lending process.

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