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How Does Adaptive Technology Enhance Digital Inclusion ?

One way digital inclusion can be enhanced is by creating accessible internet and information technology (IT) environments. In doing so, accessibility testing ensures that digital tools are genuinely accessible. It also empowers the end-user to participate in their digital inclusion actively. To do this, digital leaders should look to accessibility audits.

The following ways explain how accessible internet and information technology environments enhance digital inclusion.

Improves Information Accessibility

First and foremost, accessible IT environments promote information accessibility. A significant population lives without affordable Internet access. This includes government services and other important information. To address this, accessibility testing ensures that digital systems are accessible to all users regardless of their ability. It also enables them to take an active role in their digital inclusion.

Eliminates Barriers to Participation

The lack of internet access inhibits digital inclusion and economic growth and development. Digital tools can also create new opportunities for participation. However, if the tech itself presents barriers to entry, such as faulty design for those with disabilities, then these opportunities can be closed off. With accessibility testing, digital leaders can ensure that their organizations’ digital systems are accessible. This encourages a culture of participation in these organizations.

Enables Inclusive Governance

Inclusive governance is the process by which all citizens have the opportunity to be heard on issues that affect them. Accessing digital tools and information can lead to new opportunities for livelihoods. If citizens lack access to government services or information, they cannot contribute meaningfully to this process. An accessible IT environment enhances inclusive governance by enabling citizens to access, submit, and participate in government processes.

Accessibility testing ensures that digital systems meet standards. It allows everyone to access the opportunities afforded by these systems regardless of ability. By creating accessible IT environments, organizations increase digital inclusion and develop cultures of opportunity and progress.

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