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How High-Speed Internet Connectivity Benefits WFH Employees

High-speed internet connectivity boosts the productivity of work-from-home employees by 1.1%. Using a methodology that accounts for differences in income levels, these estimates are adjusted for the skill level of the home workers. The study also found that a disproportionate share of future work-from-home workers will be more highly skilled and better paid than the average worker, as many lower-skilled jobs are not well-suited to this type of remote work.

Slow Website Loading Times Affect Productivity.

Slow website loading times can significantly impact the productivity of work-from-home employees. Website load times refer to the time it takes to load a web page, including all of the content. Visitors may go elsewhere to complete their transactions if a website takes too long to load. Slow website loading times can also impact overall website traffic, conversions, and revenue. Luckily, there are ways to optimize website speed without spending much money. A fast site will increase time-on-page, revenue, and user experience. Here are some quick tips for increasing the speed of your website. Therefore, it is high time that wireless internet for rural areas should be available to foster productivity among employees.


Fiber Optic Internet Is Not Suitable For Video Streaming Or Online Gaming.

Video games are constantly improving and require fast internet speeds for optimal performance is necessary. Having a slow internet connection can ruin your gaming experience. A fiber optic connection will allow you to play video games with the best possible results. A fiber connection has less latency and is more stable, and there is no jitter or variation in latency. This means you will be able to experience the full environment of your game. High-speed rural wireless internet allows multiple users to use the connection simultaneously. This makes it ideal for households where video streaming and online gaming are essential.


Mobile Hotspots Are Not Suitable For Video Streaming 

As the use of mobile hotspots for work-from-home employees continues to grow, organizations should restrict their employees’ access to them. For example, employees should be limited to connecting to company VPNs and enterprise email services. Additionally, IT departments should disable tethering on company-owned or managed mobile devices. While disabling tethering can be difficult on the road, it is necessary for security purposes.

Mobile hotspots cannot be used for online gaming or video streaming, which are the two most common activities that work-from-home employees do. Those who need to stay connected to the internet can use a dedicated mobile hotspot for work.


Governments And Industries Can Work To Ensure High-Speed Internet

Broadband connectivity is now a vital piece of modern infrastructure, and many states and cities are taking steps to ensure that everyone has access. However, some challenges still remain, such as ensuring affordable access and building the right infrastructure. Despite the benefits of broadband, access to the internet remains limited for millions of Americans. Multiple studies have highlighted the need for government and private sector efforts to make it available to all residents.  As the digital economy continues to grow, job opportunities are also evolving. Many jobs are available remotely, allowing individuals to earn competitive living wages without leaving their homes. 

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