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How To Protect Your Smartphone

Protect Your Smartphone
Your smartphone is your lifeline. Well, almost. You check your Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and all your data and music and photo files are stored in your smartphone. No wonder, you’d want to have the best protection for your smartphone.
If you’ve spent a good amount of money on the latest smartphone, it makes sense that you buy a good screen protector or case to get the most of your investment. In fact, phone cases are often the most important accessory for your smartphone, as they extend the life of your device and protect it from any external damage.

What you should look for in a smartphone screen protector

When you are looking for Galaxy S8 covers, you might be confused by the many choices available. The search is not made easy by the sales clerks who try to pressurize you into making a choice which might not be the best one for your phone.
According to some recent surveys, the only thing you need for your smartphone is a screen protector or a case or a combination of both.
Screen protectors need not be extremely expensive – do a little online research of reviews posted by users, and you can find an inexpensive but extremely scratch-proof screen protector. Screen protectors can save your phone from being scratched by keys in your wallet through the glass or plastic films. They can protect your phone from cracks too. Screen protectors which are made from glass are thicker but offer good protection.

What do you do when your smartphone falls on its edge?

When the corner or edge of a smartphone hits the ground, it can shatter, as the impact is not spread out over the entire screen. Screen protectors can protect your device from scratches, which sometimes can weaken the structure of the phone’s display, leading to irreparable damages.

Even if you have a screen protector, you do need a case

As you can see, screen protectors are often not enough for the complete protection of your device. You need a phone case which covers the edges, corners and the back of your smartphone. A sturdy case can protect your smartphone from getting scratches, and can absorb the impactif you happen to accidentally drop it on the pavement.Getting a phone case doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style either. There are numerous case styles which you can choose from as well as materials and colours.
Some cases are inexpensive and slim, and are made from flexible plastic, which makes them easier to hold. Some cases may be a little bulky and not be too comfortable to carry around, but they do offer better protection.
If you are to choose between a screen protector and a case, a case is the better choice as it offers more reach and protection, though they may be more expensive than screen protectors.

Why insure your phone?

Most smartphone vendors and manufacturers sell extended warranty, which covers repairs or replacements ofthe phone if damaged. But here’s the catch — the cost of repairs is usually less than the amount you would pay for a year of extended warranty. If you have an expensive smartphone, a much better idea is get your phone insured. Most insurance plans offer lost coverage and include damage protection for your phone too.

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