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How To Delete The Perspective Grid In Illustrator?

How To Delete The Perspective Grid In Illustrator?

Illustrator CS5 comes with the Perspective Grid to aid full perspective artwork. The vanishing points turn out to be controllable in an interactive fashion. It’s easy to create Objects from scratch in the tool or already created objects. Perspective Grid serves as an Illustrator tool.

Step 1

Click “View” that you can get from the menu bar and select “Perspective Grid / Hide Grid,” which can help to deactivate the grid. The keyboard shortcut applicable includes “Ctrl,” “Shift,” “I” (Windows), and “Cmd,” “Shift,” “I” (Mac).

Step 2

Make the selection of the “Snap to Grid” from the Perspective Grid menu and let you turn off the default Snap that can help you with the Grid setting.

Step 3

Click on “Object,” and there, you will have to select “Perspective / Release with Perspective. Get the” Releasing the object that will help in escaping the perspective changes done while working with the grid.

Undoing Perspective Grid in Illustrator

Perspective grid allows can help in bringing texts, symbols, objects. Go to the Perspective tool, find two tools, including Perspective Grid Tool and Perspective Selection Tool.

Bring out the specific tool, and you will have to do that by clicking on the ‘Perspective Grid Tool’ icon from the tool list. You will see that the icon looks like a diagonal checker box. Press the ‘SHIFT+P’ keys simultaneously, and with that, you can activate the Perspective Grid tool.

Utilization of the Plane Switching Widget

Notice the ‘Plane Switching Widget’ on the top left corner. It seems like a rounded 3D box. There you can spot the ‘X’/’Cross’ icon on the top-left corner. Take mouse pointer over that widget. There you will have to click on the ‘X’ icon.

When you take the mouse cursor over the ‘X/Cross’ icon, there you will be spotting the popup labeled ‘Hide Grid.’

The perspective grid will disappear. Also, you can press the ‘ESC’ key on the keyboard that can help with undoing the perspective grid.

Final words

Illustrator remove perspective grid is easy to solve with the methods that we have stated above. Do not skip the steps, and you can easily escape the issue.

How To Delete The Perspective Grid In Illustrator?

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