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How To Know If Someone Is Spying On Me From Another Room?

How To Know If Someone Is Spying On Me From Another Room?

Ever get the feeling someone is spying on you from another room? Modern technology has been developing fast in recent years, and it has completely changed the world we live in. Spy gear has become readily available. Consumers across the world have been investing in a wide range of spy gear, including voice activated recorders, miniature hidden cameras, GPS tracking devices, the list goes on. These products have become accessible and affordable due to the demand, and there are several websites like SpyCentre that are dedicated to selling these devices.

Although you might be feeling paranoid, spying has become more common than you might think. Anybody can go online and within minutes purchase top-of-the-range spy equipment that can be used to spy on you from another room. So how can you know for sure someone is keeping a close eye on you without your permission?

Where should you look for Hidden Cameras?

Spy cameras, although most of them are small, they have the ability to capture top quality videos. They are designed so that others won’t be able to notice them, and they can be hidden in any area of a room including photograph frames, clocks, mirrors, air conditioning units, USB flash drives, and even pens. 

Trying to detect these tiny devices without detection equipment can prove tricky. However, if you notice something strange, like a clock that has been moved to another location, or a new pen in your room that you don’t remember having in your possession, inspect it to see if you spot something peculiar. 

Listen carefully, and if you notice sounds like a buzzing noise or a slight clicking sound, there might be a hidden device in your room. Just like any other camera, hidden cameras will make a slight sound when it’s recording. Turn off the electricity in the room, and any device that makes a sound. When you are in complete silence, listen carefully for any strange noises. 

Examine the Smoke Detector 

Smoke detectors often go unnoticed, and they are often installed into the ceiling in a centralized location in a room, making it the perfect position to capture your every move.

Take the smoke detector down, and open up the casing to see what’s inside. A spy can easily hide a recording device or a hidden camera inside the smoke detector. 

Unlike other household items, smoke detectors don’t require a lot of electricity, and many of them use a battery instead of electricity. There are lots of smoke detectors that can connect to a WiFi network. If you notice wires connected to the smoke device, this could mean that there is a hidden camera inside.

Although the lens on a hidden camera is small, you will be able to see them with the naked eye. If you see a small black dot that looks like a lens on your smoke detector, it might be a camera. Grab a flashlight and shine it towards the smoke detector. 

Download Apps

Nowadays, it seems like there is an app for almost everything. Your trusty smart device can help you detect spy equipment in a room. Although a lot of folks don’t have faith in these apps, they can save you a small fortune. Investing in RF detectors and other spy detection equipment can cost a person a pretty penny, but many spy detection apps are free. You will find these apps on well-known app online markets, such as Google Play and the Apple Store. 

Some apps will help you find spy gear, while others will help people find out if someone is spying on their smartphone or tablet. However, these software applications won’t be able to provide you with a guarantee that someone is or isn’t spying on you. After trying several apps and you still haven’t found out whether someone is spying on you or not, it might be time to invest in spy detection equipment. 

Hire a Private Detective

People often hire private detectives to spy on others, but people are also hiring them to find out if they are being spied on. Employees working for a reputable spy agency will have a lot of equipment on hand to help them find spy gear that might be installed in a room. With years of experience, they will know exactly what to look out for, and they will have top-notch equipment that lets them detect hidden cameras, audio recorders, and other devices spies tend to use. 

Although the detective’s fee might put you out of pocket, it is of vital importance to find out if someone is spying on you. If they don’t find any evidence, at least you will have peace of mind. If they do find something that suggests someone is keeping an eye on you, then contact the local authorities immediately.

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