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How to maintain your construction equipment

If you have a business that uses construction equipment, then you’ll know the importance of maintenance. Proper maintenance is essential for prolonging the life of your tools and to make sure performance is not jeopardised.

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Ensuring equipment is up to a high standard is also vital for health and safety reasons and to minimise the risks and hazards associated with construction sites

Having tools and equipment in full working order also means greater performance and high-quality results, whether you’re using hand-held tools such as cordless impact wrenches, drills or saws or larger heavy machinery such as forklifts.

We’ll take a look at the best ways to maintain your construction equipment to enable operators to do their job effectively and efficiently.

Regular inspections and pre-operation checks

Making frequent, routine inspections can highlight any potential issues that could affect the performance of your equipment or result in safety concerns. By catching problems at an early stage, there’s less chance of down time and a reduced risk of accidents. With the construction industry as a whole struggling with increased costs, preventing expensive repairs is also crucial. 

Assessments should be carried out as per the manufacturer’s guidelines and to ensure compliance with their standards. Depending on your specific construction equipment, you might need to inspect factors such as fluid levels, tyre pressures, lights, safety devices and hydraulics. 

It’s also a good idea to carry out basic checks before use to identify any risks.

Lubrication and fluid maintenance

Many types of construction machinery use fluid and lubrication to ensure good performance. To prevent equipment from breaking down, there needs to be enough fluid to stop friction. Having the correct amount of lubrication can increase the longevity of the equipment and save time and money in the long run. 

Check the manufacturer’s guide for advice on the type and amount of fluid you need to use and make sure to add to each component including bearings, joints and hydraulics. It’s also important, however, to refrain from adding too much lubrication as this can also damage equipment. 

Cleaning and storage

Removing dirt, dust and debris can help prolong the life of construction equipment so it’s vital to have a cleaning routine in place. This can also help prevent corrosion. Try to store machinery indoors where possible or, if not, cover with an appropriate material to reduce damage from adverse weather. 

Scheduled maintenance

Most construction equipment will need servicing on a regular basis by the manufacturer or other professional. It’s important not to miss these services, even if it means that the item is out of use for a short period, as they are useful for identifying problems early.  

While it’s not always possible to prevent machine and equipment breakdowns or malfunctions, by following these tips you can ensure your construction site remains as safe, productive and efficient as possible. 

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