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 How to Make Your Charity Stand Out Online

The act of charity enables a person to live a better life. Donating your hard-earned money to those in need takes you closer to humanity. Giving makes you feel good and enables you to play your part in improving society.

It’s your job to highlight the benefits of charity. Building your charity’s online presence is the best way to show people how giving charity can help them in life.

Fundraising can get easier if you reach out to people. Have you never worked on improving your charity’s online presence before and want to do it now? Fret not. Keep reading this blog to find six tips for making your charity stand out online!

1.     Build your website

Setting up your charity’s website is the most important thing for creating a lasting expression of your charity.

Some people might know about your charity from previous experience, and others might come across your charity online for the first time. It’s important to show the best version of your charity to both these groups.

Your charity website should clearly outline your mission statement and prove why people should consider you when giving charity. Therefore, you must consider audience personas and SEO when setting up your charity website.

       i.          Optimize for mobile users

More than 50% of online users access the internet through smartphones. Your charity website must take mobile users into account so you can get more donations.

Webmasters create a website with desktop users in mind, and it is important to optimize the website separately for smartphone users. Make sure you follow the mobile-friendliness standards for setting up your charity website.

      ii.          Increase your site speed

A website that doesn’t load up timely will lose donors’ attention. Ensure your website loads up within 5 seconds, so people are encouraged to learn about your charity. You can install a CDN and follow site speed optimization standards to speed up your website.

2.     Grow your social presence

Social media is one of the most powerful channels for reaching out to your target audience. A proper social media marketing strategy can help you get discovered online and encourage people to donate to your charity.

Setting up your social presence is not difficult. You have to create accounts for different social channels and start posting content tailored to your target audience. Running ads on social platforms is another way to increase your influence and encourage more people to donate to your cause.

3.     Focus on email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best channels of marketing that gives great ROI. Many nonprofits and charities ignore email marketing because they find it hard to set up. However, once you create mailing lists, email marketing makes it easier to connect with your target audience.

Some of the emails you can send to donors include:

  • A welcome email to new monthly donors.
  • A thank-you email for regular donors.
  • A reminder email for people who didn’t donate in a long time.

4.     Optimize your payment processing

Getting donations from donors online and sending those payments to needy people is one of the biggest challenges for charities. You have to ensure that payment processing of your online charity website is secure and you don’t face any security threats.

Make sure your website complies with Payment Card Industry standards so people can safely donate to your charity. Provide multiple payment methods so people can easily donate regardless of their payment services.

5.     Get proper feedback

Running a charity is all about providing the best experience to your donors. You should optimize the donating experience, so people like to donate again in the future. After someone donates to your charity, you should invite them to give feedback on how you can improve the donating experience.

6.     Track your progress

Digital marketing strategies enable you to track your ROI to optimize the online experience for donors. Whether running a campaign on social media or focusing on an email marketing strategy, you can set up processes for tracking the results of your efforts.

You can set up Google Analytics to check your website’s conversion rate. Setting up A/B testing in email marketing can help you write better emails that grab the attention of your target audience. Discover different strategies for measuring your progress online to get more donations.

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