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How To Make Your Website More Interactive

The modern world of business is more competitive than ever; there are so many new businesses being created every day that trying to stay ahead of everyone else can be a truly daunting task. One of the ways to ensure you stand out from the crowd is to embrace the technology that is all around us, and your business website is the ideal way to do that. If you can make your website more interactive, your customers will remember you, and they will return. Here are some ways to make your website something that people want to come back to time and again.

How To Make Your Website More Interactive

Social Media

Social media is a huge thing in today’s world – it seems as though everyone is using it. This is why it is so important for business; your customers are likely to be using social media, and if you are using it too, they will see your page, your business, and how you can help them with your products and services.

To make things easier for your customers and website visitors, and to make your website more interactive, you can easily add a social media button to your page or pages. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or anything else when it comes to social media (or, of course, a combination of all of the above), this button will encourage website visitors to like or follow your social media accounts too, so they will never miss out on any news or offers, and so that your business can reach many more people through shares and likes. To add this button, you might choose to engage a web designer; you can find out more about web design here.


Website quizzes are a wonderful way to engage your audience and encourage them to stay on your website for longer (which is better for your Google rankings). Of course, there are millions of quizzes out there on the internet, so ideally you will want to make your different and more interesting than as many of the others as you can.

Not only does having a quiz on your website means you will gain more visitors and that they will stay for longer, but it also means that you can find out more about the people who are coming to your website through their quiz answers. The replies that they give to the different questions asked will show you what type of people are coming to your website and potentially buying your product or service, and that means you can tailor your marketing accordingly.

User-Generated Content

It is exciting for your customers to see their content posted on a – and preferably your – website. Therefore, giving your visitors the ability to create and post their own content is a great way to make your website more interactive. Your customers can say what is on their minds, answer questions (or ask them), share information and voice their own opinions to the wider world, all because of you and your business website. That is exciting and different, and something that will make you different from many of your competitors. Of course, it is important that you monitor what is being said and created, and step in where necessary and if the posts are inappropriate, so it isn’t an easy option, but it is a good one.

This user-generated content can be something as simple as allowing comments on posts and to ask and answer questions on discussion boards. As an additional benefit, these comments and discussions will show that the content on your website is always being updated, and this will boost you higher up the search engine rankings, making your website more visible to people searching for your product or service.


Including testimonials about your products and services on your website is another way to show interactivity. These will provide potential customers with feedback so that they can be more confident about buying from you; with so many websites to choose from, this can make the difference between a lost or gained sale. It is then down to you to ensure they receive an exceptional service so that they give you another great testimonial, and so the process continues. The more happy customers you have, the more testimonials you have, and the more new customers you can gain.

Customer Support

One of the best ways to have interactivity on your site is to provide exceptional customer support. If anyone is unsure about anything or has a specific question to ask, then your customer service team should be able to help them through the website. That team might simply be you, of course, but that doesn’t matter; the important thing is that you are able to quickly and accurately answer any user queries. You can do this using an online contact form, or even a chat bot. You might want to direct people to your contact page, or your social media pages. Whichever option works best for you, make sure there are plenty of direction on the website so that customers know what to do.


A newsletter is a fantastic way to be more interactive, and it can be placed on your website, or it can be emailed out to those who have signed up in advance. Of course, you can do both, and allow downloads, perhaps in a members’ only area of your website so that customers need to log in to see your special offers, news, and discounts that are in your newsletter.

The newsletter can create links to posts that you want to cross-promote, and also to your social media pages.


To make your website much more interactive and to encourage more people to come to it, you can offer a number of giveaways and rewards. If you have a free product offer, or a discount on services, to anyone who arrives on your site and signs up to your newsletter, or comments on your blog, for example, then you will raise awareness of your site, and your customers will receive a much larger perception of value.

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