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How to Use Tech to Enhance Your Vegan Lifestyle

While it is not as limiting or unheard of as it used to be, starting and maintaining a vegan lifestyle is still partially shrouded in mystery, and can be difficult to maintain if you do not have much in the way of guidance or support. You may even think it borderline impossible to be successful at it, especially if you are the only one in your circle who is vegan or going vegan. However, thanks to technology, you do not have to make your way alone. Consider the following ways that you can use technology to enhance your vegan lifestyle.

Look for Potential Role Models

Starting something can be the hardest part of any task, and it is no exception when trying to adopt a vegan lifestyle. However, there is a reason that there is a reason that it is said that hard things are easier to accomplish when there are two or more people on the same journey. While you may not have anyone wanting to make this venture with you, you can always find a potential role model to inspire and motivate you to start your life as a vegan, which gives the illusion that you have someone with you as you start to explore how things are done.

It used to be very difficult to find role models who were openly vegan, but that is becoming more false with each passing day, especially with the various outlets that you can search for them on. A lot of vegans have their own shows or channels on various video-based social media platforms, which can provide you with a variety of visuals that are meant to give you insight as to how things can work with a vegan lifestyle. If you do not like the idea of watching videos, there are books that also have various suggestions for new vegans. Either way, you will be shown what to do step by step at the beginning so you feel comfortable enough to head out on your own once you have the basics down.

Try New Recipes

After a lifetime of being used to eating meat, eliminating it from your diet can be daunting. However, there are plenty of recipes that are similar to those that you know and love, just without the meat, and those recipes are readily available to you. A good portion of them even come from famous chefs, and not all of those chefs are vegan themselves. Therefore, if you are unsure about the truth concerning Gordon Ramsay vegan, it does not matter in this case. His plant-based recipes are just as valid as the next chef’s plant-based recipes, and that is the case with any chef who has plant-based recipes in their repertoire. Through your own trial and error, you may even be able to replicate a famous meat dish with a plant-based substitute after you have dabbled enough.

Head to the App Store

As is the case with most seemingly impossible things, games are a great way to get yourself introduced and used to something. If you find yourself losing motivation after trying to establish a vegan lifestyle, something that might help is playing cooking mobile games. Such games have more and more vegan options that you can create in-game without having to worry about the consequences of making a mistake. It is much more fun to explore something like cooking new things without having to worry about a potential mess that will need cleaning up as a result of your experimentation. Not to mention that, as you go through the game, you will notice that the food looks beautiful, and you might experience a feeling of pride from successfully completing it. After you have accomplished that, you might feel inspired to try that in your real-life kitchen, feeling even more accomplished once you move your vision from the table on your phone screen to the table in your own home.

There are a lot of ways that you can make going vegan easier than you ever thought possible, and a lot of it is thanks to modern technology. Keep these suggestions in mind and remember that, though it can be difficult at first, there are plenty of resources to keep you inspired to maintain your vegan lifestyle.

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